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LEWIS W. FELL, of Buckingham, merchant, was born in Buckingham township, near Mechanicsville, on a farm that had been the property of his ancestors since 1723. He is only son of David and Margaret (ATKINSON) FELL, who came from Longlands parish, Rockdale, Cumberland, England with Bridget WILSON, his wife, in 1705.

Joseph FELL, eldest child of Joseph and Bridget, born in Cumberland, England, 4 mo. 29, 1701, was reared on his father's farm near Pool's corner, where H. Clay LARGE now lives, and on his marriage in 1735 received from his father a deed of gift of 125 acres of land on the Durham road, above Mechanicsville, purchased by Joseph, Sr., in 1723, and lived thereon until his death, 2 mo. 22, 1777. He married, 1 mo. 4, 1735, Mary Kinsey, daughter of Edmund and Sarah (OGBORN) KINSEY, the former and eminent preacher among Friends. The children of Joseph and Mary FELL were seven in number, five of whom grew to maturity, vis.: Joseph born 8 mo. 31, 1738; Sarah, never married: Rachel, born 1744, married William LOWNES; David, born 1750, married Sarah KINSEY; and Martha, born 1756, married Edward RICE. Mary (KINSEY) FELL, was born 2 mo. 29, 1715, and died 12 mo. 29, 1769.

Joseph FELL, eldest son of Joseph and Mary, born 8 mo. 31, 1738, on the homestead farm in Buckingham, married 10 mo. 21, 1767, Rachel WILSON, born 4 mo. 5, 1741, died 3 mo. 8, 1810, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (CANBY) WILSON, of Buckingham, and removed to Upper Makefield, where he purchased a farm. He died there 3 mo. 26, 1789. He had eight children, six of whom grew to maturity, viz.: Joseph, born 1768, married Esther BURROUGHS; John, born 1770, married Edith SMITH; Martha, married Benjamin SCHOFIELD; David, married Phebe SCHOFIELD; Jonathan, born 5 mo. 5, 1776; Rachel, born 1783, married John SPEAKMAN.

Jonathan, son of Joseph and Rachel, was born in Upper Makefield township, 5 mo. 5, 1776, and married 1 mo. 2, 1799, Sarah BALDERSTON, and removed to Northampton township. Two years later he removed to Falls township, near Morrisville, where he lived until 1831, and then removed to the old homestead of his ancestors in Buckingham, where he died 7 mo. 27, 1849. His wife Sarah died at Morrisville 11 mo. 23, 1802, and he married 10 mo. 11, 1809, Jane BUCKMAN, born 12 mo. 12, 1784, died 3 mo. 25, 1874, daughter of James and Sarah (BURROUGHS) BUCKMAN. By his first wife he had two children --Jane, who married Seth DAVIS; and Rebecca, who died an infant. By his second marriage he had six children, viz.: James, born in 1810, married (first) Mary CADWALLADER, and (second) Mary HOLCOMBE; Sarah, who never married; Joshua, born 2 mo. 22, 1814, married Mary WATSON, has been postmaster and merchant at Mechanicsville for many years; Elizabeth, born 1817, died 1853, unmarried; Hannah, born 2 mo. 22, 1820, married Thomas Story SMITH, of Upper Makefield; David, born 11 mo. 13, 1823, married Margaret ATKINSON.

David FELL, the father of the subject of this sketch, born in Penn's Manor, near Morrisville, 11 mo. 13, 1823, was the youngest child of Jonathan and Jane BUCKMAN FELL. As he was but eight years old when the family moved to the old homestead in Buckingham, his boyhood days were spent on the farm that remained his home during the rest of his life. He was a man of high character, much esteemed in the neighborhood, and held many positions of trust. Like his ancestors for many generations, he was a member of the Society of Friends, and a regular attendant at Buckingham Meeting. He died on the old homestead 8 mo. 9, 1887. He had married 1 mo. 3, 1850, Margaret, daughter of Abner and Sarah ATKINSON, who bore him three children; Sarah Jane, born 11 mo. 7, 1850, married Horace MICHENER, living in Doylestown; Mary LESTER, born 9 mo. 26, 1853, married Thomas B. CLAXTON, and died; and Lewis, the subject of this sketch. Margaret (ATKINSON) FELL is still living in Doylestown.

Lewis W. FELL was born on the homestead of his ancestors in Buckingham, 6 mo. 2, 1857, and remained thereon until 1881. He was educated at the public school of the neighbor hood and at the Doylestown English and Classical Seminary. In the spring of 1881 he accepted a position in the store of his brother-in-law, Evan T. WORTHINGTON, at Buckingham, and two years later acquired an interest in the business, forming a copartnership under the firm name of WORTHINGTON & FELL, which lasted for six years, when he purchased the entire interest in the store and has since conducted it with marked success. The store has the reputation of being one of the best country stores in the county and does a large trade. Mr. FELL was appointed postmaster of Buckingham on February 18, 1890, and has held the position continuously since. In 1896 Mr. FELL was one of the organizers of a local telephone company in Buckingham, which was later purchased by the Standard Telephone Company, who established their exchange in his store, which is also the exchange for the Bell Telephone Company. Mr. FELL is a member of Aquetong Lodge, No. 193, I. O. O. F., of Doylestown, and was an original member of Buckingham Castle, No 208, A. O. K. of the M. C., and has been its treasurer since 1893. He is a member of Buckingham Friends' Meeting. Politically his is a Republican.

Mr. FELL was married on January 20, 1881, to Emma Clara WORTHINGTON, daughter of Elisha and Harriet (LUKENS) WORTHINGTON, who has borne him two children: Arthur D., who assists his father in the business; and Ashtop W. who is private secretary to John SHREEVE, publisher of the "Atlantic City Review," Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mr. SHREEVE is also secretary for Congressman GARDNER, and secretary of the Congress of Labor. Both the sons are graduates of Friends Central School, Philadelphia, and of Pierce's Business College.

Text taken from page 218, 219 of:

David, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume II

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