History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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WILLIAM B. LEIGH. Thomas Leigh, the ancestor of that branch of the Leigh family resident in Bucks county and vicinity, Pennsylvania, was born in Lancastershire, England, in the year 1775. He was a son of William Leigh, who it appears was in some way connected with Sir Walter Raleigh as the maiden name of that gentlemanís wife was Ann Leigh. In early life Thomas Leigh married Alice _______ and he became the father of eleven children, all of whom were born in England. Thomas Leigh came to America in 1816, settling in Trenton, New Jersey, and shortly afterward his eldest daughter came over to keep house for him, his wife and remaining children coming in the year 1818. After a short residence in Trenton, the family removed to the vicinity of Fallsington in the old house on the farm now owned by Daniel Kelly. After residing in various places they settled on the farm of John Wildman in Lower Makefield, where his wife died in 1853. After this sad bereavement Mr. Leigh resided with his daughter Ellen about a mile west of Fallsington until his death, which occurred in 1856. Their remains were interred in the Friendsí Yard at Fallsington. Their children were as follows:

1. Nany, born 5 mo. 7, 1795, died 1848; she was the wife of John Lonsdale and they were the parents of four children: Thomas, Ellen, Alice, and James, all deceased. 2. Catharine, born 1 mo. 3, 1797, died 1856; she was the wife of Joseph Radcliffe, no issue. 3. Alice, born 1 mo. 11, 1799, died young. 4. Ellen, born in 1801, died young. 5. Alice (second), born 7 mo. 30, 1802, was the wife of Samuel Morris, and they reared a large family of children. 6. William, born 11 mo. 4, 1804, died young. 7. Joshua born 12 mo. 4, 1806, died in 1881; he married Esther Margerun, and they were the parents of several children. 8. Thomas, born 4 mo. 2, 1809, married Martha Van Horn, who bore him four children: Cynthia, Wallace, Augustus, and Edward. In 1843 he moved to western Illinois and died there in 1894. 9. Ellen (second), born 7 mo. 15, 1811, died in 1899; in 1845 she became the wife of William Brelsford, no issue. His death occurred in 1876. 10. William (second), born 2 mo. 1, 1814, died 9 mo. 15, 1875; in 1840 he married Louisa M. Schaffer, who is living at the present time (1905); their children were: John S., born 9 mo. 18, 1841, married Anna Clark; Thomas, born 4 mo. 14, 1843, married Elizabeth Foster; Eliza H., born 5 mo. 8, 1846, married John D. De Coursey; William B., born 9 mo. 2, 1848, mentioned hereinafter; Edward L., born 2 mo. 7, 1851, married Margaret Leaman; Henry C., born 6 mo. 28, 1853, married Susan Smith; Anna Alice, born 4 mo. 6, 1859, married Elwood Lovett; and James L., born 7 mo. 12, 1862, died August 22, 1899. 11. Joseph, born 7 mo. 1, 1816, married Elizabeth Wharton, who bore him several children. He moved to western Illinois in the early forties.

William B. Leigh, third son of William and Louisa M. (Schaffer) Leigh, was born 9 mo. 2, 1848. By his marriage to Fannie Lovett the following named children were born: William Lovett, 5 mo. 6, 1873; Arthur H., 8 mo. 19, 1877; and Laurance R., 5 mo. 7, 1882. Samuel Lovett, the ancestor of Mrs. William B. Leigh, and the first of the family to arrive in this country, was one of the "Proprietors of West Jersey" and came in the ship "Kent," arriving in the Delaware in 1677. He settled in Burlington, New Jersey. They were people of good estate in England and came to this country to enjoy religious liberty, which was guaranteed to them before they sailed. The birth of his son Jonathan (1) was registered in the Friendsí meeting. The christening of his son Jonathan (2) is recorded as having taken place in 1719 in St. Maryís church, Burlington, New Jersey. Jonathan (3) was christened in 1746 in St. Mary church, Burlington, New Jersey. He married (first) Mary Bates, of Pennís Manor, and moved to Falsington, Bucks county, Pennsylvania. He married (second) Acsah Moon. The family born in Bucks county consisted of twelve children. The children of his first marriage were: 1. William, who married Mary Bowman, mentioned hereinafter; 2. Jonathan, who married Rebecca Palmer; 3. John, who married Mary Woodruff; 4. Aaron, who went to sea with Billy Moon; and 5. Mary, who married David Munyon. The children by his second marriage were: 1. Mahlon, who married Phoebe Clark, and after her death Charlotte Mershon; 2. Samuel, who married Margaret Fitzgerald; 3. Sarah, who married Daniel Bowman; 4. Joseph, who married Susan Rue; 5. Elizabeth, who married Richard C. Winship; 6. Ann, who married Longstreet Poland; 7. Daniel, who married Buehla Fitzgerald.

William Lovett, son of Samuel and Mary (Bates) Lovett, and his wife Mary Bowman were the parents of eight children: 1. Henry, who married Sarah Margerum; 2. Mary, who married (first) Thomas Cheston, (second) Joseph Hutchinson, (third) Elijah Scattergood; 3. Rebecca, who married Joel Cheston; 4. Phoebe, who married Elijah Scattergood; 5. Jonathan, who married Mary Pullen; 6. Elizabeth, who married Charles Smith; 7. Ann, who married George Brown; 8. William, who married Mary Ann Green.

Henry Lovett, eldest son of William and Mary (Bowman) Lovett, and his wife Sarah Margerum were the parents of twelve children: 1. Mary, who married Amos Shippy; 2. Adeline, who married Jonathan Brown; 3. Rebecca R., who married W. S. Winship; 4. William H., who married Harriet Dickel; 5. Phoebe, who died in infancy; 6. Richard R., who married (first) Ann Shippy, (second) Elmira Hibbs; 7. Charles E., who married Madge Barnes; 8. Aaron, who married Mary ______; 9. Biven, who died in infancy; 10. Elijah, who married Jennie _______; 11. George, who died without issue; 12. Frederick P., who married Mary E. Dean.

Jonathan Lovett, second son of William and Mary (Bowman) Lovett, and his wife Mary Pullen were the parents of eight children: 1. Anthony, who died in infancy; 2. Charles, who died without issue; 3. Sarah, who married a Mr. Appleton; 4. Rebecca, who married a Mr. Hazzard; 5. Lucy B., who died in infancy; 6. Amanda, died in infancy; 7. Mary Elizabeth, died in infancy; 8. Martha, died in infancy.

William Lovett, youngest son of William and Mary (Bowman) Lovett, and his wife Mary Ann Green were the parents of eight children: 1. George G., who died of wounds received at the Battle of the Wilderness; 2. Anna Mary, who married Joseph Wells; 3. Fanny B., who married William B. Leigh; 4. William, unmarried; 5. Andress, died in infancy; 6. Henry L., who married Eliza Myers; 7. Elwood, who married Alice Leigh; 8. Miranda, who died in infancy.

Text taken from page 306-307

Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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