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THE LAUBACH FAMILY OF DURHAM.  Samuel H. LAUBACH, one of the oldest and most prominent residents of Durham township, Bucks county,  Pennsylvania, was born in that township March 23, 1834, and he and the family to which he belongs have been prominent in the affairs of that locality for several generations. 

            Christian LAUBACH, the great-great-grandfather of Samuel H. was a native of the Palatinate on the Lower Rhine, and at the age of thirty-eight years, accompanied by his father, Rhinehart LAUBACH, aged seventy years, and his wife Susanna and several small children, embarked for Pennsylvania in the ship "“Queen Elizabeth,"” Captain Alexander HOPE, from Rotterdam, and landed in Philadelphia, on September 15, 1738.  He was a blacksmith by trade, and was probably induced to settle on extreme northern frontier of the county of Bucks by the then proprietors of the Durham furnace, started in 1727, and then in full blast.  He obtained a warrant for the survey of one hundred acres of land in Bucks county, on one of the tributaries of the Saucon Creek, in what became Northampton county in 1752.  This warrant was dated October 31, 1738, but six, weeks after he had taken the oath of allegiance to the English crown.  He possibly followed his trade near the furnace for some time, as men of his handicraft were much in demand about the mines and furnace and found lucrative employment.  On May 22, 1745, he obtained a warrant for another seventy-five acres, and in 1755 and 1756 three other tracts were surveyed to him.  On one of these he erected a saw and grist mill which was the property of his descendants for several generations.  Some of the land taken up by him is still occupied by his descendants.  By his will dated March 4, 1762, probated January 5, 1769, he devised his mills to sons Conrad and Frederick, and his other lands to sons Rhinehardt and Peter.  His eldest son, John George, received 190 pounds, and his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Adam KUCKERT, thirty pounds.           

            Johan George LAUBACH, eldest son of Christian and Susanna, born in Germany November 11, 1729, was the great-grandfather of Samuel H. LAUBACH, of Durham.  He reared a family of twelve children, as follows;  Susan, born November 7, 1757; John Michel, born November 28, 1759; John, born August 25, 1761; John Christian, born June 30, 1762; Catharine, born February 26, 1764; John Conrad, born December 23, 1766, died young; Anna Mary, born October 21, 1768; Anna Margaret, born January 19, 1770; John Conrad, born March, 1772; John George, born March 5, 1774; Walburth, born February 15, 1776; and Elizazeth, (sic) born, April 10, 1779.

            John George LAUBACH, born March 5, 1774, tenth child of John George, Sr., was the grandfather of Samuel H. LAUBACH.  He married in 1798, Elizabeth REEL, of Williams township, Northampton county, Pennsylvania, and they were the parents of nine children:  Mary, born November 11, 1799, married Jacob BOYER; Lydia, born June 7, 1802, married Joseph TRAUGER; Anthony, born October 18, 1804, married Elizabeth HESS; Elizabeth, born June 23, 1807, married Samuel RINKER; John born July 5, 1810, died unmarried; Susan, born January 8, 1813, married Simon ILLICK; Peter, born January 1, 1816, married Lavinia BACHMAN; Anna Margaret, born May 30, 1819, married Jacob HESS; and Sarah, born January 14, 1826, married David W. HESS.

            Anthony LAUBACH, third son of John George and Elizabeth (REEL) LAUBACH, born October 18, 1804, was the father of Samuel H. LAUBACH and Charles LAUBACH of Durham.  He married March 17, 1829, Elizabeth HESS, of Lower Saucon, Northampton county, and settled in Durham township, where he was a lifelong resident and prominent farmer and business man.  He died March 15, 1891, in his eighty-seventh year.  The farm conveyed to him by his father, George LAUBACH, in 1832, near Riegelsville, purchased by George in 1812, is still occupied by Samuel H. LAUBACH.  The children of Anthony and Elizabeth (HESS) LAUBACH, were as follows: Hannah, born March 21, 1830, married Leidy N. WORMAN; George W., born December 23, 1832, married Maria FRALEY, is still a resident of Durham; Samuel H., born March 23, 1834, married  Sarah RUFE;  Charles, born August 29, 1836, died August 23, 1904, married Jane RAUB: Franklin, born September 13, 1838, married Elmira HELLER, and is still residing in Durham; Elizabeth, born May 4, 1841, died unmarried; David Anthony, born December 14, 1843, died young; James Francis, born April 25, 1847, died young; Benjamin H., born March 30, 1853, married Lizzie STOVER, and is living in Brooklyn, New York.  Samuel H. LAUBACH, second son of Anthony and Elizabeth (HESS) LAUBECH, was born in Durham township, March 23, 1834.  He received a good common school education, and later attended the celebrated Vandeveer school at Easton, Pennsylvania, for several terms.  He has always been one of the active and progressive men of his township, and has filled a number of positions of trust.  He served for many years as a school director of Durham township, and was twice elected to the office of justice of the peace.  He is a practical surveyor and civil engineer, and was appointed in 1884, as one of the commissioners to retrace and locate the boundary line between Lehigh and Northampton counties.  He also served as county surveyor for six years, 1877-1883.  Mr. LAUBACH has been interested in various local enterprises in Durham and vicinity, and has always taken an interest in the affairs of the community in which he lives.  He has always taken a special interest in botany and mineralogy, and is an authority on these subjects in that locality.  He still resides on the old homestead near Riegelsville. 

            Mr. LAUBACH married in 1857 Sarah RUFE, and they are the parents of five children, viz.:  Vincent R. LAUBACH, of Riegelsville, born September 21, 1858, married Margaret Jane LEH; Howard R. LAUBACH, of Riegelsville, born June 15, 1861, married Laura B. NICHOLAS; Edgar R. LAUBACH, of Bethlehem, born June 1, 1868, married Abigail L. JUDD; Ida R. LAUBACH, born June 1, 1868, now wife of William H. JUDD, of Bethlehem; and Clara R. LAUBACH, born November 24, 1877, now wife of William H. BISCHOFF, of Bethlehem.

            Vincent R. and Margaret J. (LEH) LAUBACH, have the following children;  Gertrude Alice, born November 13, 1881, wife of Charles Lincoln FREE, of Phillipsburg, New Jersey; Charles Reuben LAUBACH, born July 16, 1883; Mabel Alma LAUBACH, born August 8, 1885, wife of Fred NEAMAND, of Richlandtown; and Laura Lovina LAUBACH, born October 20, 1887.

            William H. and Ida R. (LAUBACH) JUDD, have one child, Florence Alma, born December 4, 1893; another daughter, Dorothy Sarah, died in infancy.

            William H. and Clara R. (LAUBACH) BISCHOFF, have one child, George Samuel BISCHOFF, born February 14, 1802.

            Charles Lincoln and Gertrude Alice (LAUBACH) FREE, have one child, Lincoln Forest FREE, born April 8, 1903, the first great-grandchild of Samuel H. LAUBACH.


Test taken from page 498-500 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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