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CHARLES LAUBACH, third son of Anthony and Elizabeth ( HESS) LAUBACH, was born in Durham township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, August 29, 1836, and died there August 23, 1904.  He was reared on the Durham farm and received a thorough common school education, and afterwards took a classical course in the Vandeveer Collegiate Institute of Easton.

            In 1855 he took up a course of study in phrenology and ethnology and later lectured extensively on these subjects.  In 1857 he took up the study of practical obstetrics under John Ludlow, M. D., of Easton, Pennsylvania, and at the same time took a thorough course of study on medical electricity.  On completing his medical studies he took up the practice of medical electricity, which he followed for thirteen months with success.  He then returned to the farm and continued his scientific studies, devoting considerable portion of his time to geology and archaeology, and became the best informed geologist in Bucks county.  He was a member of the Archaeology and Palaeontology Society of the University of Pennsylvania, and of the Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia, and contributed many valuable papers on scientific subjects that have been widely published.  He was an indefatigable student of the folk lore and local history of his native section, and was the best known authority as to the conditions and habits of the Indians living in that section, as well as of the events pertaining to its early settlement by his own race.  The newspapers of the county and elsewhere have published a vast number of his articles on geology, archaeology and local history that are of incalculable value.  He was one of the organizers of the Buckwampum Literary and Historical society, and served as its secretary until his death, besides contributing a number of valuable papers to its archives, as well as to those of the Bucks County Historical Society, of which he was one of the oldest members.  His collection of interesting specimens of minerals and Indian relics and curios at his home in Durham is one of the best of its kind in the state, and he has presented many specimens to the museum of the Bucks County Historical Society.  He was no mere relic hunter or collector, but thoroughly understood the value and merits of each article in his collection, and any one interested in historical and scientific subjects could spend hours in poring over this valuable collection, and the most lukewarm student could not fail to be interested in his intelligent and fluent explanation of the value and significance of each article therein.  He was also profoundly interested in popular education and all matters pertaining to the advancement and enlightenment of his community.  He served several terms as school director, and was district superintendent of the Durham schools for four years, 1879-1883, and did much for their advancement.  In 1885, he represented the first district of Bucks county in the School Directorsí Assciation (sic) at Harrisburg.  He has been connected with numerous successful business enterprises in his district.  In politics he was a Jeffersonian Democrat of the old school, but took little interest in the practical politics of the day.  He was a member of the Reformed church.  On March 29, 1860, he married Jane RAUB, of Riegelsville, who survives him.  Their only child, a daughter, died in infancy.  The immediate cause of his death was cancer of the face, from which he suffered for upwards of two years.


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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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