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HENRY N. KULP, of Rockhill township, near Telford, is a native of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and was born near Franconia Square, January 12, 1869, a son of Jacob S. and Barbara (Nice) Kulp. His paternal ancestor came from Germany and settled in Montgomery county, where his great-grandfather, Henry Kolb, was born, July 14, 1769, and died March 20, 1850. He was a farmer, dyer and tombstone cutter. Like his pioneer ancestor, Deilman Kolb, and most of the family since, he was a Mennonite. He married, in 1797, Susanna Moyer, born April 25, 1775, died March 23, 1856, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Detweiler) Moyer, and whose paternal ancestors for the three preceding generations were named Christian Meyer, the first of whom is supposed to have been a native of Switzerland, from whence he fled to the Netherlands and lived for a time in Amsterdam, migrating to America soon after 1700, and settling in Lower Salford township, Montgomery county, prior to 1720. He died in 1751, leaving children: Christian, Jacob, Samuel, Elizabeth, Anna and Barbara. His son, Christian Meyer, born 1705, died 1782, had children: Christian, Jacob, Anna, Maria, Fronica, Esther, and Barbara. Christian (3d) born 1728 died 1783, married Susanna Detweiler, daughter of Jacob and Neltjen (Kolb) Detweiler, and had fourteen children, the second of whom was Jacob, the father of Susanna (Moyer) Kolb.

Henry and Susanna (Moyer) Kolb were the parents of nine children, as follows: 1. Catharine, born February 3, 1798, married John Freed. 2. Jacob, born November 2, 1799, a Mennonite minister. 3. Mary, born December 10, 1801, married Peter B. Hendrick. 4. Henry, see forward. 5. Abraham M., born January 11, 1806, died in Franconia, 1886. 6. Sarah, born December 8, 1808, married Joseph Swartz. 7. William, born June 14, 1811, died June 8, 1880, was a watchmaker. 8. Samuel, born November 20, 1813. 9. Anna, born March 22, 1818, married Benjamin Kolb.

Henry Kolb, fourth child of Henry and Susanna, was born in Franconia, January 24, 1804. He was a farmer, and lived and died in Franconia township. He married Elizabeth Shoemaker, and had eight children: Catharine who married John C. Moyer; Jacob S., the father of the subject of this sketch; Samuel S., of Telford; Susanna, married Francis Frick; Henry, married Kate Ziegler, living in Franconia; Michael, living near Telford; Lizzie, married Henry Bergy; Sarah, who married Enos Moyer.

Jacob S. Kulp learned the jewelry and watchmaking trade at Salford, Montgomery county, and conducted a jewelry store at Franconia Square for twenty-five years. He still lives at Franconia Square, and conducts the feed, coal, hay and lumber business at Telford, Montgomery county. He married Barbara Nice. Jacob S. and Barbara (Nice) Kulp were the parents of five children, viz.: Amanda, wife of L. L. Horning; Elias, who married Emma Nice; Lizzie, wife of Harry Hartzell; Kate, deceased; and Harry N., the subject of this sketch.

Mr. Kulp acquired his education at the public schools of Franconia township, Montgomery county. He was a clerk for some years in the store of Jacob C. Swartley, at Line Lexington, and later in the store of Henry Ziegler, at Hatfield, Montgomery county. In 1882 he removed to his present farm in Rockhill township. He makes a specialty of the dairy business, using two large silos for the storage of ensilage, and is one of the large milk shippers of that neighborhood. He is a member of Mennonite Meeting, and politically is a Republican. He married, in 1891, Irene May Swope, daughter of Isaiah and Rebecca (Hager) Swope, of Plumstead township, Bucks county, and they are the parents of one child, Howard Russell, born May 22, 1893.

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Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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