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HENRY KEMMERER KLINE, residing at Quakertown, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, is a representative of an old family of German extraction. His ancestor, Isaac KLINE, came from Germany and settled in Bucks county prior to the Revolutionary war. By his wife Barbara, Isaac KLINE was father of a son George, born August 17, 1788, who married Susanna HEMBACH, born November 16, 1803. George and Susanna (HEMBACH) KLINE were the parents of the following named children: 1. Solomon, born February 12, 1826; died July , 1904; he married Sarah KEPPLER, and resided in Easton. 2. Mary, married M. ERDMAN. 3. Isaac, born 1828; married Emeline KNEEDLER, of Kneedlerís Corner, Gwynedd township, and lived in Bethlehem. 4. Sarah, born April 12, 1834, married Joseph HIMEVELT, and lived in Philadelphia. 5. Susanna, born September 3, 1835, married Louis KEHL, of Montgomery county. 6. George, to be further mentioned hereinafter. 7. An infant. The father of this family died February 3, 1838, and his wife survived him many years, dying January 14, 1875.

George Hembach KLINE, son of George and Susanna (HEMBACH) KLINE, was born January 13, 1837, on a farm then owned and cultivated by his father, at Hembach, Lower Milford township, Lehigh county. He attended the subscription school of Samuel CRAWFORD, at Swamp Church, and also for two years the public schools, which were then first opened. He then went to Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery county, where he remained until his sixteenth year, working on a farm and attending the Friendsí school. He was then apprenticed to Jacob HARLEY, a harness maker at Zion Hill, Lehigh county, and who was father of Jonas HARLEY, proprietor of a harness manufactory at Quakertown. Here George KLINE remained one year, when he went to Quakertown, where he entered the employ of Louis P. JACOBY. In the course of a few years he established a shop on his own account at Riegelsville, Durham township. In 1859 he located in Quakertown, where he purchased the business of his former employer, Louis JACOBY. He conducted his establishment profitably until the second year of the civil war, when (October 1, 1862) he enlisted in Company H, Fifteenth Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry. Colonel William J. PALMER commanding. He was detained for special duty as saddler, and in August, 1863, was promoted to sergeant, which rank he held until he was honorably discharged from the service of the United States after the collapse of the rebellion, in June, 1865. He participated in some of the most stirring campaigns of the great conflict, and among the notable battles in which he bore a part was the sanguinary struggle at Chickamauga, Tennessee. After returning from his army service, Mr. KLINE resumed his business, which he has successfully conducted to the present time. He has always taken an active part in community affairs, and enjoys the respect and confidence of his neighbors in high degree. During President Clevelandís first administration he filled a full term of four years as postmaster, discharging the duties of the position with ability and integrity. In politics he is a stanch Democrat. With his family he holds membership in St. Johnís Lutheran Church, in which he has served as deacon, and has otherwise been active in church work.

In 1857, while residing in Riegelsville, Mr. KLINE married Elmina, daughter of Henry and Lydia (BARTHOLOMEW) KEMMERER, and of this union were born the following children: 1. Henry KEMMERER, to be further mentioned: 2. Emma B., who became the wife of Harry Y. JACOBY, son of Simon JACOBY, of Sellersville, Bucks county; 3. Susan B., who became the wife of Andrew SNOVEL, of Hatfield, Montgomery county; 4. William K.

Henry Kemmerer KLINE, eldest child of George H. and Elmina (KEMMERER) KLINE, was born June 4, 1862. He attended the common schools and the high school until reaching his sixteenth year, after which he worked for J. S. HARLEY. He became assistant postmaster to his father, acting in that capacity for four years. During the second Cleveland administration and that of President HARRISON he was assistant postmaster to Edward OCHS, and after the death of Mr. OCHS, with Dr. Joseph THOMAS. For two years and a half he was assistant to Mahlon DETWEILER, after which he was employed for six months by Mrs. CLYMER. Since October, 1903, he has been engaged in stove mounting. He has been active in public affairs, and for four years served as clerk of the council, and is now a member of the school board and clerk of the election board. In politics he is a Democrat. He and his wife are members of St. Johnís Lutheran Church, in which for many years he has served as deacon and secretary of the Sunday school. Mr. KLINE married, December 26, 1891, Emma Matilda, daughter of Til and Amelia (MINT) OSNEAN, of Quakertown, formerly of Allentown, and they have three children: J. Robert, Herman Otto and Lillian Naomi. All these children attend school and J. Robert is studying music.

Test taken from page 341-342 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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