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EDWARD INSINGER, the proprietor of the Continental Hotel at Yardley, descends from a Swiss family.  His father, Albert INSINGER, emigrated from Switzerland to America about 1840, accompanied by his wife and three children, settling in Philadelphia.  By trade he was an engraver of designs for printing calico, having learned that business in his native land.  After reaching the new world he began work on Third and Greene streets in Philadelphia making engravings for bedsteads, and occupied that position for about four or five years.  He then removed to Germantown, where he engaged in the carriage painting business until 1869, after which he began the manufacture of carriages on his own account in that city.  He succeeded in developing a profitable enterprise, owing to the excellence of his output, and continued in the trade until his death, which occurred in 1875.  His business career was marked by steady progression, for he had little capital when he came to America, and at his death was the possessor of a very comfortable competence.  He belonged to the German Red Men of Germantown, in which he filled all the offices.  While living in Philadelphia he served as a commissioned officer in the state militia.  His wife bore the maiden name of Margaretta BRUNER, and they were the parents of seven children, three of whom were born in Switzerland-Lena, the eldest, is the wife of Martin CRAIG; Albert enlisted for service in the civil war, and for three years and three months was a member of Company E. Ninety-fifth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers; Sophia is the wife of Alford LANSDALE: Alford is a machinist at Wayne Junction, Germantown, and is now acting as general manager of the Insinger Manufacturing Company:  Edward is the next of the family; Emile is a carriage builder in Germantown; Clara P. is the wife of Xaier HARTE

            Edward INSINGER, whose name introduces this record, was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania.  September 3, 1852, and acquired a common-school education.  In early life he learned the trades of carriage building and blacksmithing with his father, and was thus employed or about six years, after which he began business on his own account as a dealer in stationery and cigars.  From the beginning the new enterprise prospered, and he conducted his trade for twenty years, having a very large patronage.  He was also distributor at Germantown for the Philadelphia morning papers for ten years.  In 1895 he purchased the Continental Hotel at Yardley, of Aaron SLACK, being the second proprietor of this hotel since its establishment in 1866.  He has found favor with the traveling public, making his a good hostelry which secures a liberal patronage. Mr. INSINGER is well known and popular in fraternal organizations, belonging to Washington Council, No. 1, Junior Order of United American Mechanics at Germantown, and is the third oldest member living of this council in which he has passed all the chairs, Seminole Tribe of Rid Men. No 30, of Germantown: and Mitchell Lodge. No. 296. F. & A. M., of that place.

            In 1874 Mr. INSINGER was married to Miss Hannah Mary LONGACRE, who is descended from one of the old families of Chester county in the maternal line.  He grandfather was Ezekiel POWELL, who was a prominent man of Chester Springs, and her grandmother was a member of the Moses Family.  Mr. and Mrs. INSINGER have one daughter, Margaret Lillian, who is a graduate of the Germantown public school and also of the Abrahanson Business College of that place.  For the past twelve years she has been employed as a stenographer by William P. BUCHANAN, of Philadelphia.


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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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