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ROBERT BLANK SNYDER, son of Amos HINKLE AND Mary Ann (BLANK (SNYDER, was born April 17, 1863, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.   He is a direct descendant of Andrew SNYDER, who was among the early settlers of Richland township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania.  Andrew SNYDER was the eldest son of a noble family of the Duchy of Deux Ponts, of Rhenish Bavaria, where he was born in 1739.  In order to obtain money to come to America he sold his title to the immunities of nobility to his younger brother.  He arrived in Philadelphia in 1759, at the age of twenty years, and apprenticed himself to Benjamin CHEW, with whom he remained three years.  At the expiration of this time the CHEWS assisted him to purchase four hundred acres of land in Richland township.  At the breaking out of the Revolutionary war, he entered the army, and was present at Trenton, Germantown and other battles, and at the end of five years service was paid therefor (sic) in worthless currency. He was appointed collector in Richland township after the war, and was rendered penniless by going security for others, but his old friends, the CHEWS, came to his assistance again.  In 1765 he was united in marriage to Miss Margaret JACOBY, and eleven children were born to them, five sons and six daughters, among them being John SNYDER.  Andrew SNYDER passed away after a well-spent life, October 26, 1813, at the advanced age of seventy-six years.  John SNYDER, the son of Andrew SNYDER and grandfather of Robert B. was married to Miss Matilda HINKLE, and among their children was Amos Hinkle SNYDER.

            Amos Hinkle SNYDER, the father of Robert Blank SNYDER, was born December 13, 1821, on the SNYDER homestead on the Tohickon, in Richland township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania.   His early education was acquired in the subscription schools of that section, and in the summer months he assisted on the home farm.  Immediately after leaving the school-room he engaged in farming and droving, and later invented and patented the SNYDER Creamery vats, ant from 1880 to 1883 was engaged in fitting up creameries and finally settled on the farm which is now owned and occupied by his son, Robert Blank SNYDER.  In 1841 Mr. SNYDER was united in marriage to Mary Ann BLANK, who was born November10, 1822, the daughter of John and Mary BLANK, of Rockhill township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania. The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. SNYDER; Monroe Benjamin, March 17, 1842, married Miss Susan C. BERRY, daughter of Benjamin L. BERRY, of Philadelphia, professor of astronomy at the Boys High School; 2. Oliver B., born March 18, 1845, died March 14, 1880: 3. Clementina B., born 1847, died March, 1872; 4. Mary B., born October 15, 1855, died 1866; 5. Ellen, born April 10, 1838; 6. Warren B. born May 3, 1860, married Flora FELLMAN, daughter of Manassah and Alamanda (HEDDMAN) FELLMAN.  Her father was a farmer of Rockhill township, and was later a merchant of Quakertown, and resides at 4405 Haverford avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 7. Robert Blank, born April 17, 1863; 8. George B., born April 22, 1865, married Minnie APPEL, daughter of Reuben and Hannah (HESS) APPEL, of Springfield township, and lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Amos Hinkle SNYDER died MAY 23, 1901, and his wife passed away August 3, 1894.

            Robert Blank SNYDER, seventh child and fourth son of Amos H. and Ann (BLANK) SNYDER, at the age of seven years moved with his parents to the village of California, which was situated a few miles northeast of Quakertown.  Here he attended the district school, and in the summer months assisted his father on the farm.  In 1875 his father purchased the Joseph EVANS farm, on Allentown pike, below Quakertown, which contains eighty-two acres, and where Robert now resides.  Robert Blank SNYDER’S time was occupied chiefly in operating his farm, which he named “Locust Grove Stock Farm,” and he was also actively engaged in the real estate business for some time.  He is actively and prominently identified with all local affairs, and is considered a valuable factor in his community.  In politics Mr. SNYDER is a stanch Republican, and works earnestly toward advancing the interests of that organization.  He was at one time candidate for the clerk of the orphans’ court.  In religious affairs he and his family affiliate with St. John’s Lutheran church at Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

            December 30, 1896, Mr. SNYDER was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Hopper PALMER, the daughter of Edward and Marie M. (FRACHE) PALMER, of Philadelphia.  Edward PALMER was born in Philadelphia, May 11, 1826, the son of Jonathan and Sarah (HOPPER) PALMER.  His maternal grandfather, Isaac T. HOPPER, was a noted abolitionist and a promoter of what was known as the “underground railway” for the safe conduct of runaway slaves.  He was also a prominent Quaker and exhorter.  Edward PALMER married Miss Marie Madaline FRACHE, a native of Shuttaway, Alsace-Lorraine province, France, who came to this country and settled in Bucks county, Pennsylvania.  For a time Mr. and Mrs. PALMER engaged in farming, and later conducted a milk business.  The following children were born to them: 1. Henry B., July 5, 1849; married Anna Elizabeth, daughter of Abner and Mary (PABST) REEDER, of Quakertown, and they reside on Broad street, Quakertown, Pennsylvania; 2. Charles B., born April 11, 1854, married Mary BEANS, daughter of Mathias and Lucetta (HINKLE) BEANS, of Philadelphia; 3. Harriet Jackson, born May 24, 1862, died Mar ??, 1876:  4. Sarah Hopper (Mrs. Robert Blank SNYDER), born August 30 1868.

            The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. SNYDER: Amos Harrold, September 16, 1897; and Marie Madaline, July 14, 1899.



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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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