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Items from The Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa.,

Thursday, October 23, 1862




The fiat of the People of Blair County has gone forth, and they have declared in favor of Louis W. Hall, for Senator, by a majority designated by the figures above - unprecedented and overwhelming. If it is swept away by the majorities of Cambria and Clearfield, as seems to be the case, still the vote of Col. Hall in his own home and County, is one he may well ever be proud of. It is a glorious refutation of the slanderous charges made against him. Elected or defeated, the people of our own "Little Blair" sustained him as no man was ever sustained before. Our appeal, made prior to the election, was not in vain, and we thank the people for it. The vote of Mr. Hall in this county, considering the fact that he ran as the regular nominee of one party organization, is unprecedented. About ELEVEN HUNDRED ahead of the Union State Ticket. If he is defeated, it is but a temporary defeat. The heart of the masses of this county is with him, and the time will come when they will demonstrate it still stronger than on the 14th, when they sent him to our sister counties of Clearfield and Cambria, with a majority of nearly seventeen hundred. Glorious "Little Blair" - nobly did she do her work. Long may she wave, the banner county of the State.


The vote for Mr. Hall in the army must be added to his majority in this county. We have not heard what that is.


A GRAND CONCERT IN AID OF A GOOD CAUSE. - -A grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert in aid of the new Catholic Church now rapidly approaching completion on Claudia street, will be given at said building on Tuesday evening next, Oct. 28th, 1862, commencing at 7 o'clock. The best musical talent of the neighborhood will participate in the performances, and taken in connection with the rich tones of the new and superb organ which has just been introduced into the church, will form the most rare and complete musical treat that could well be conceived. The admission tickets have been placed at the low price of 25 cents, and will be offered for sale in due time. The edifice itself is indeed an ornament to our town, well worthy the visit of all lovers of the beautiful, and when completed and dedicated, as it will be in a couple of weeks, cannot be surpassed in design and construction by any church edifice in the interior of the State. We say to all, be sure to attend the concert.




The following is a recapitulation of the vote in Blair county, for county and State officers, at the late election:


Auditor General
Cochran, 2485
Slenker, 1894
Cochran's majority, 591


Surveyor General.
Ross, 2473
Barr, 1909
Ross's majority, 564


Blair, 2315
McAllister, 2107
Blair's Majority, 208


Hall, 3064
Wallace, 1385
Hall's majority, 1679


McMurtrie, 2438
McFarlane, 1853
McMurtrie's majority, 585

County Treasurer.
Cramer, 2322
Crawford, 1998
Cramer's majority, 324


Register & Recorder.
Caldwell, 2543
Williams, 1534
Caldwell's majority, 1009


County Commissioner.
Shock, 2426
Zeth, 1854
Shock's majority, 562


Director of the Poor.
Nicodemus, 2161
Buchanan, 2146
Nicodemus' majority, 15


Henshey, 2412
Horrell, 1762
Henshey's majority, 650


Our Army Correspondence.


Oct. 14, 1862.


MESSRS. EDITORS: - Having noticed for some time past that your correspondent "Keystone" has ceased his communications, I will undertake to give you a few items of news from the 10th army corps. For some time previous to the arrival of Gen. O. M. Mitchell everything wore a dull and spiritless appearance. No person seemed to exhibit any energy, except Gen. Hunter himself and by him only in regard to one thing and that was making the condition of the negroes better than that of the white soldiers under his command. He however is now gone, and has been almost forgotten at Hilton Head. The arrival of General Mitchell and his energetic actions at once inspired confidence and enthusiasm. He visited all the different regiments and commands at once, and before he had been here ten days, he was better known by the troops, than his predecessor was when he returned to the North. Expeditions of different kinds are constantly being fitted out and started. About two weeks ago Col. Barton, Comd'g. Ft. Pulaski, took two light draft boats, the Planter and Starlight and about 500 men, and paid a visit to Bluffton on the main land. He drove in the pickets, shelled the town and even frightened the rebels who were quartered at Hardeeville 14 miles distant, so badly that they took to their heels and rested only when they had put about 30 miles between them and the gunboats. Another expedition started to Florida and captured a rebel battery mounting six siege guns and one mortar, besides all the camp and garrison equipage, guns, clothing, rations, in fact everything. The secesh "skedaddled" without firing a shot. Another expedition is now being fitted out for a descent on a different point in Florida. So you see Gen. Mitchell is not idle. He told the troops when he came here that he would not allow them to remain idle, but was determined that they should see the enemy and engage him. In the meantime the appearance of things at Hilton Head is gradually changing. Where one year ago was but a fort and one house, now stand immense Commissary, Ordnance, and Quartermasters store houses. Quite a number of traders have opened stores which do a thriving business. They are located in one line along a new street lately opened, and the line of odd looking houses and tents is facetiously called "Rogues Row." We have a watch maker also and bye and bye I suppose we will have all the different trades fully represented. But decidedly the greatest institution here is the Rail road. The completion of this peculiar feature, is due to the energy and perseverance of Capt. Chas. Garrettson, Depot Quartermaster, and formerly Quartermaster of the 76th P. V. It is not a passenger railway, though many lazy employees seem to think it is, but a substantial horse railroad for conveying stores of all kinds, forage &c., from the dock to the different storehouses. The saving on horseflesh is almost beyond calculation, as any one who has ever visited Hilton Head and witnessed the labor with which the horses drew their weary loads through the deep sand will testify. All praise then to humane Capt. Garrettson. I understand that Gen. Mitchel has applied for more troops, and that an entire brigade will soon be here. If such is the case we may look for some very important movements before long. I fancy you will hear soon that the 10th army corps intends wintering in Savannah and Charleston, and that they are on their way to occupy them.


The health of the troops here is tolerable. We have a great deal of remittent and intermittent fever, though very few cases assume a dangerous character. Very few deaths occur. The 76th enjoys very good health though it has its share of the fever mentioned. Capt. Wayne was for some time on the sick list but is now well. Capt. Hicks, Co. C., has also been under the weather but is fast improving.


Is it possible that you have men in Altoona who do not believe this war to be a just one, and are willing to take an oath to that effect? I hope you have no secessionists among you, yet I fear you have if the report of the doings of some of the citizens on "exemption day" are correct. Men who will resort to goggles, conscientious opposition to the war, &c., are not worthy the protection of the government under which they live, and whose blessings they have enjoyed. They should be scorned by all true patriots, and treated with the contempt their disloyalty deserves. I fear the utterance of their true sentiments, will excite the ire of the volunteers should they ever return, and that once done, they will need to be on their guard.


I hope no such persons are to be found in loyal little Blair who has her 1800 freemen in the field with their lives in their hands, and ready to die for the preservation of this glorious Union, and the enforcement of the laws.


Au revoir. - S.C.


Jury list - October Term, 1862.




Berlin Samuel, Tyrone borough.
Burley Benjamin, Altoona.
Black Samuel J. G. Greenfield.
Burger Jacob, Freedom.
Breneman William, Woodberry.
Clabaugh Abraham, Woodberry.
Cooper Simon R., Frankstown.
Craine Wilson, Antis.
Caldwell David T., Altoona.
Ginter John E., Logan.
Graffius Jacob, Martinsburg.
Graffius Edward, Tyrone borough.
Henshey Thomas, " "
Koon Abraham, Alleghany.
Koon Samuel, Logan.
Kelley Joseph, Juniata.
Lotts George, Tyrone township.
Mortimer A. F., Frankstown.
Martin, Esq., Daniel L., Huston.
McGraw John, Hollidaysburg.
Moore Maxwell, Frankstown.
Roller George W., Catharine.
Stonerook John, North Woodberry.
Wilson Samuel G., Antis.




Burket John M., North Woodberry.
Berry Jacob, Gaysport.
Clapper Henry, Huston.
Cannon J. J., Alleghany.
Coleman John, Logan.
Dilling Henry H., Huston.
Domer Jacob, Antis.
Derland Asberry, Hollidaysburg.
Farrell John, Logan.
Graham William, Martinsburg.
Guyer Caleb, Snyder.
Grabill John, Greenfield.
Harpster John, Frankstown.
Hoover Adam, Tyrone borough.
Hunter Thomas, Antis.
Hewit Nicholas, Hollidaysburg.
Hileman Christian, Frankstown.
Hamilton Jonathan, Logan.
Irwin Joseph, Hollidaysburg.
Jack William, "
Jacobs Geo A, "
Kemberling Henry, Frankstown.
Keagy David, Martinsburg.
Leamer David, Frankstown.
Leidy Daniel, North Woodberry.
McCartney Allen, Antis.
McFarland Silas, Antis.
McKee George C., Hollidaysburg.
Noffsker Geo I., Freedom
Port George, Hollidaysburg.
Shelow Thomas, Snyder.
Shriver Daniel, North Woodberry.
Smith George (of Jacob) Huston.
Sparr John, Woodberry.
Wehn George, Logan.
Wilson Harry, Tyrone.
Yingling Frederick, Allegheny.
Young John, "




Anderson Agnilla Altoona.
Anderson William, Freedom.
Ale Alexander, Catharine.
Boone Joseph, Antis.
Branstetter John, Tyrone township.
Bowser John, Greenfield.
Bell William, Logan.
Crawford Armstrong, Tyrone township.
Clugh George, Logan.
Diffenbacher A. L., Hollidaysburg.
Dougherty Thomas, Snyder.
Denniston James, Hollidaysburg.
Dysart Alexander, Tyrone township.
Estep John, Antis.
Fettinger Henry, Altoona.
Gibboney E. M., Martinsburg.
Huffley David, North Woodberry.
Heard Thomas W., Gaysport.
Kelly George P., Juniata.
McNamara Thos. Jr., Hollidaysburg.
McCauly William, Allegheny.
Moore Elias, Frankstown.
McKillip David, "
Neff John K., Woodberry.
Percival Wm. H. Altoona.
Russel James, Greenfield.
Roller James, Huston.
Stewart Robert, Tyrone tp.
Slippy Jonathan, Frankstown.
Smith Maxwell B., Blair.
Shoemaker John, Altoona.
Sink Christian B., Logan
Weaver Joseph, Snyder.
Wilson Albert, Frankstown.
Weaver Fred E, Woodberry.
Weaver George A., Blair.
Young Curtis, Frankstown.
Young George B. Taylor.


Trial List for October Term, 1862.




Joseph Smith vs. C. Aultman & Co.
Sarah K. Shoenberger vs. Lloyd, Holliday & Co.
George W. Graham vs. Fox & Strouse.
C. Hughes use vs. G. L Lloyd.
Joseph Dysart's use vs. O'Friel's Heirs.
James K. Morehead vs. Elias Baker.
Lloyd & Hill vs. Joseph Shannon.
J Walter's Exrs. vs. Stephen Hammond.
Matthew Hoy vs. Elias Baker.
Cadwallader's heirs vs. Smith & Banks.
John Miller vs. Peter Shoenberger's Exrs.
Same vs. Same.
Garber's Exrs. vs. A. P. Wilson.
R. McNamara's Admx. vs. Wm. Lyon.
P. Shoenberger's Exrs, vs. John Miller.




D. Good's use vs. D. Watson & al.
Wm. Buchanan's use vs. B. O'Friel's heirs.
John Brotherline vs. Haggerty & Harman.
A. M. White & Co. vs. R. M. Lemon & Co.
Ed Isett vs. J. Walter's Exrs.
Samuel W. Rhodes Adm'r vs. Penn'a R. R. Co.
Cline & Carrol vs. Wm. Casey.
Geo. R. McFarland's Adm'r. vs P. Shoenberger's Exr.
James D. Rea vs. Kemp & Lust.
Same vs. C. Lust.
John Miller vs. Penn'a R. R. Co.
Chaffee, Stout & Co. vs. A. Patterson.
McLanahan & Johnston vs. Bell & Cresswell.
William Kellerman vs. S. S. Barr.
G. L. Lloyd vs. H. McIntosh.
C. Wendell vs. A. M. & R. White & Co.
P Strayer vs. Spang & Walters.
D. H. Hofius' Adm'r vs. E. H. Lytle & wife.
Com. for use of Deeter vs. Deeter & al.
Lorenz & Leamer vs. J. L. Hemphill & al.
H. Crumbecker vs. Wm. Donaldson Adm'r.
Margaret Cassidy vs. John Tate.
James Funk vs. Joseph Smith.
James A. McCahan vs. John Elliott & al.
E. Bouslough vs. Jacob Bouslough.
D. Walter's Adm'r vs. The Township of Greenfield.
C. Campbell & Bro. vs. Tyrone & C. R. R. Co.
J. Blair Moore vs. Jos. Smith.
Same vs. Caldwell.
D. C. McCormick vs. Thomas McNamara.
T. H. & J. R. Vaughn vs. The Franklin High School.
John Brotherline vs. Altoona Borough.
J. C. Parry vs. Thomas McNamara.
A. Stuppy's Adm'r vs. Watson, Denniston & Co.
Same vs. R. M. Lemon.
Nancy Wike vs. Henry Wike's Exrs.
George Buchannan vs. S. E. K. Duncan.
Shoenberger's Exrs. for use vs. Dan'l K. Ramey.
W. R. Pomroy vs. A. Patterson.
Drexel & Co. vs. Same.
Stuart & Bro. vs. Same.
Gein & Schwenck vs. C. B. Sink.
Geo. W. Mauk vs. M. Lingenfelter & al.
William Anstice vs. Geo. W. Stuart.
Peter Hewit vs. Joseph Smith.
Rody Brady vs. Benj. Lewis.
D. H. Hofius' Adm'r for use vs Henry Leamer.
Wm. Vaughn vs. John Derlin & al.
L. Burroughs & al vs. Jesse Fisher.


A. S. MORROW, Prot'y.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, October 23, 1862, page 2




On the 19th, George F. Forney, of Philadelphia, to Miss S. M. Rigg of Altoona.


On Wednesday evening, October 15th, at the M. E. parsonage, in this place, by Rev. W. Lee Spotswood, Mr. James J. Barry of Spruce Creek, to Miss Sarah Curry of this place.


In Hollidaysburg, on Tuesday evening, Oct 14th by Rev. D, H. Barron, Major John A. Frueauff 1st Reg't Pa. Vols. to Miss Ellie A. daughter of Hon. D. Caldwell.


On Monday Oct. 20th, at the house of Jacob Snyder, by Rey D. H. Barron, Mr. Daniel Killin, of Armagh, Indiana Co., to Miss Nancy T. Patterson, of Hollidaysburg


Near Martinsburg, September 28th, Robert Simons, youngest child of David S. and Mary Ann Haffly, aged 1 year 7 months and 10 days.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, October 23, 1862, page 3




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