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Items from The Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa.,

Thursday, September 18, 1862


Hon. L. W. HALL. - The Hollidaysburg Register of this week, makes the following mention of Hon. L. W. Hall, the Union nominee for State Senator:


We congratulate our fellow-citizen, Hon. L. W. Hall, of Altoona, on his unanimous nomination as the candidate of the People's Union Party for the office of State Senator. This is an honor with which he may well be gratified. The people had pointed him out as the man for the times and the place, and were determined to have him as their candidate, and are as determined to elect as they were to nominate him.


Mr. Hall entered political life when quite a young man, and rapidly arose to the highest distinction in the Senate of Pennsylvania. While Speaker of that body, he displayed such admirable tact, discrimination and impartiality as to call forth the admiration and approbation of every member of the body. Politically, Mr. Hall is classed among the practical conservatives, and will continue to devote all his talents and influence to the restoration of the Union, and placing it on a firm foundation. We are highly gratified with the nomination, and predict the triumphant election of the nominee.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, September 18, 1862, page 2




MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS. - The companies formed in this place in compliance with the Governor's proclamation, met for drill on Saturday afternoon last. The following is a list of the companies organized, with the title of the organization and the officers:


Captain - A. C. Devlin
1st Lieut. - J. T. Prendergast.
2d Lieut. - Wm. A. Boyden.
Orderly Sergt. - John Curry.


Captain - George Hartzell.
1st Lieut. - Washington Foust.
2d Lieut. - Jacob Hesser.
Orderly Sergt. - Andrew Clabaugh.


Captain - Charles B. Street.
1st Lieut. - William A. Ware.
2d Lieut.- Thomas H. Savery.
Orderly Sergt. - William Whitehead.


Captain - Wm. Boyden.
1st Lieut. - Charles Bushman.
2d Lieut. - Geo. W. Sparks.
Orderly Sergt. - Henry Keely.


Captain - Samuel Barber.
1st Lieut. - Wm. Hough.
2d Lieut. - Wm. E. Albright.
Orderly Sergt. - Robert Clare.


Captain - Chas. E. Collins.
1st Lieut. - John J. Redder.
2d Lieut. - Thomas Drumgold.
Orderly Sergt. - John Cochran.


Captain - Alexander Everly.
1st Lieut. - Andrew Kipple.
2d Lieut. - David Robison.
Orderly Sergt. - John Flannigan.


There are two or more companies recruiting which we hope will be able to complete their organization in the course of a few days. There are men enough in Altoona and immediate vicinity to form a full regiment, and steps will soon be taken to perfect such an organization.


We had intended to make mention of the slim turnout of members for drill, in one of the companies, on Saturday and Wednesday, but the press of war news, at a late hour, has prevented.


NO DRAFT IN BLAIR. - From the returns published elsewhere, it will be seen that "Little Blair" has largely exceeded her quota and avoided a draft, and besides, we have the assurance of the Governor that Blair county is not to be drafted. - This will be a great relief to certain weak-kneed gentlemen, who have been living miserable lives for the past month. It is no pleasure to us, in most cases, to witness the misery of others but we must confess that it did do us good to behold the trepidation of those unhappy mortals who were severely troubled with the piles, or had lately felt symptoms of an attack of rheumatism, or were seriously ruptured, or possessed one or an other of the "thousand ills which flesh is heir to." We are of the opinion that it would pay the Government to buy Dr. Barnes' recipe for manufacturing his Pile Lotion, which is highly recommended, and go into the manufacture and gratuitous distribution of the article. It might not supply lack of courage, but it would help the disease.


EXCITEMENT AT ALTOONA - A REBEL RAID FEARED. - Considerable excitement prevailed at Altoona on Saturday, in consequence of reports abroad that a rebel raid on the place was contemplated. Orders were received from Harrisburg to have all the engines there fired up, and the rolling stock of the railroad ready to move. Simultaneously with this, the companies there under orders to move to Harrisburg had their orders countermanded, and for a time the town was in a state of great consternation. Sunday morning, however, the danger, if there ever was any, appeared to have passed, and the former orders to the troops were re-affirmed. The locomotives, however, to the number of forty were still kept fired up, and ready to move at a moment's notice.


We take the above from the Pittsburg Chronicle of Wednesday evening last. That part which refers to the town being in a state of consternation is news to us. We heard it remarked that orders had been given to keep all the locomotives fired up, but did not learn that orders had been given for our militia to remain at home. Undoubtedly Altoona is liable to a cavalry raid, should the rebels make their appearance at Cumberland, or in that vicinity, but we think there will soon be a regiment of drilled men ready to give them a warm reception.


If all the information given the public, by the Harrisburg correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer, approximates the truth as closely as his report of the companies from Altoona, encamped in Capital Park, on Monday last, we think his productions should be received with many grains of allowance. In Tuesday morning's paper he gives Altoona credit with having sent four companies of Militia to Harrisburg. In order to do this he reports one company twice. The truth is Altoona has not sent a single company, although there are some six or seven ready to move as soon as the Governor gives the word, and that word may be given very soon.


APPOINTED. - Dr. R. W. Christy, of Duncansville, this county, has been appointed Assistant Surgeon in the United States Army.


Muster roll of Williamsburg company, 125th Reg't Pa. Volunteers.




Captain - Ulyssis L. Huyett.
1st Lieut. - Josiah R. Higgins.
2nd Lieut. - Garian Schollenberger.




1st Sergeant - Hill P. Wilson.
2nd " - James Houck.
3rd " - James Shellar.
4th " - Ephraim Gerst.
5th " - Sam'l G. Baker.
1st Corporal - James D. Allender.
2nd " - Wm. H. Riley.
3rd " - Joseph Lias.
4th " - James Griser.
5th " - Robert Feay.
6th " - Robert McFalls.
7th " - James C. Carey.
8th " - F. M. McKiernan.




John A. McKaney.
Calvin C. Hewitt.




Henry Withers.




Amhiser, Daniel
Aurandt, Joseph F
Blake, William B
Brantner, James S
Brantner, John H
Brunell, Wm
Brunell, Theodore
Brumbaugh, J C
Butts, Wm G
Carles, Henry D
Cooper, Theodore
Cooper, Jas M
Dougherty, Victory V
Dehaven, Westley
Donnelly, David H
Eichholts, Alfred
Estep, Elijah
Ewing, Levi M
Feay, David
Fouse, Wm D
Garner, Jos E
Geiser, Tillman
Heller, Edward W
Houck, Geo A
Huyett, Miles C
Irvine, Daniel P
Lang, Jos H
Lang, William
Lower, Henry G
Love, John D
Lucas, Gabriel
Lucas, John H
Lucas, Abraham
McCoy, William
McGonigle, Geo H
McManamy, John
McManamy, Wilson
McMichael, John
Metz, Thornton B
Metz, Thomas B
Mock, John E
Nicodemus, John H
Patterson, John D
Philips, Ralph
Powell, Milton
Reiger, August
Rhodes, Geo H
Rhodes, Wm H
Richards, John
Shaeffer, Samuel B
Shinafelt, John C
Sims, And J
Slonaker, Lemuel A
Straighthoff, Jacob
Straighthoff, Johnson
Stewart, Madison W
Teats, John A
Treese, William
Treese, Harry
Treese, David
Trout, Alexander
Walters, Joseph
Westbrook, Wm
Whitehead, John
Winters, George
Wolford, Edward
Wolfkill, Benj F
Yerger, Geo


CAUTION. - The ladies connected with the Soldiers Aid Society, in this place, have reason to believe that irresponsible persons, not connected with the Society, have been acting in the capacity of solicitors of donations in money and goods, and have been successful in securing both, but thus far they have made no return of them to the Society. We are requested to say that hereafter the solicitors of the Society will be furnished with written authority from the officers of the same, and when persons are called on to contribute, if not acquainted with the solicitors, they should ask to see their authority.


CONSIDERABLY REDUCED. - The Standard of this week publishes the muster roll of Company C. 84th Reg. Pa. Vols., Captain B. M. Morrow, from which we learn that of the entire company there are now two sergeants, five corporals and ten privates fit for duty. Of the remainder three have died, ten deserted, twenty-seven are sick in hospital, five were killed in battle, five were discharged on Surgeon's certificate, four are missing since action of July 30th, 1862, and eight are on detached service.


ANOTHER MONSTER GUN CAST. - The first of the fifteen-inch guns for the new Monitors was shipped to Wall's Station on Saturday for proving to-day. It weighs in its present state upwards of thirty tons, and will throw a ball weighing four hundred and seventy-five pounds. It differs considerably from the fifteen-inch Rodman guns, being some two feet shorter and apparently much heavier in the breech. The Fort Pitt Works have a contract for supplying several of these guns and purpose turning them out at the rate of two or three a week.


The Pennsylvania Rail Road Company has ordered their shops, in this place, to be closed every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at half- past three o'clock, for the purpose giving the employees an opportunity to drill. All who join regularly organized companies and attend drill will be paid their time the same as if they had been at work in the shops.


GONE EAST. - Every day witnesses the passage of single car loads and train loads of troops bound for Harrisburg, in response to the Governor's call for militia to defend the border. The Harrisburg Telegraph of this (Thursday) morning says that 72,000 men have responded to the Governor's call and are now on their way, or have already reached the border.


The ladies of Hollidaysburg have certainly done a great work within the past two weeks, judging from the report given in the papers of that place. They must certainly feel satisfied with themselves, and many blessings have been invoked upon them by the suffering soldiers. The ladies of this place have also been busy, but as yet we have no report of the amount of stores sent forward.


THE ENROLMENT. - We notice that some of the papers are publishing a statement of the returns of the Marshals of the different counties in the Western District of this State, but knowing that it is wrong in one or two instances we have not published it. We think the Marshal of the District will soon furnish a correct statement.


POSTPONED. - The draft in this state has been postponed until the 25th of this month, in order to give the officers at Harrisburg, who have the matter in charge, time to complete their arrangements.


Senatorial Conference.


A Conference of the People's Union Party of the Senatorial District, composed of the counties of Clearfield, Cambria and Blair, was held at the Logan House in Altoona, on Tuesday the 9th of Sept. 1862, to place in nomination a candidate for State Senator.


Clearfield County was represented by Wm. McBride, J. B. McAully and G. H. Lytle.


Cambria - John Williams, Esq., Wm. R. Hughes and John H. Fisher.


Blair - B. F. Rose, Wm. M. Lloyd and Jno. Dean.


On motion, Mr. Williams of Cambria was called to the Chair, and Wm. McBride of Clearfield and Mr. Dean of Blair were elected Secretaries.


Mr. Hughes of Cambria nominated Hon. L. W. Hall of Blair County.


On motion, Mr. Hall was nominated by acclamation as the candidate of the People's Union Party for State Senator, of the District.


On motion, a committee of three was appointed to wait upon Mr. Hall and inform him of his nomination.


The Committee returned with Mr. Hall and informed the conference that they had performed the duty assigned to them.


Mr. Hall then in a neat and appropriate speech informed the conference that he accepted the nomination conferred upon him.


On motion conference adjourned sine die.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, September 18, 1862, page 3




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