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Thursday, August 30, 1860


LOCAL ITEMS. Rough Fun. - One day last week, "Black Charley" went into Wolf & Bro's clothing store, on Main street, and commenced sparring with the clerk of the store. The clerk, it appears, had a knife in his hand at the time, and during the scuffling it penetrated the side of the darkey to the depth of an inch and a half. Fortunately the blade struck a rib, else, in the opinion of the attending physician, it would have proved fatal. Whether the stab was accidental or intentional it is hard to determine, as there were no witnesses present. Charley made information against the clerk before Esquire Cherry. The clerk gave himself up without trouble, but protests that the stabbing was accidental. He says that Charley attempted to tip off his hat, and that he threw up his arm to defend himself and Charley ran against the knife. Not knowing which side of the story to believe, the Squire thought best to hold the clerk, and bound him over to appear at the next term of Court.


N. B. Since writing the above, we learn that the parties have compromised matters by the clerk gives "Charley" a new suit of clothes, paying the doctor bill and costs of the suit, and $5,00 in money, the last item with the proviso that " Charley" leaves town immediately.- We do hope that he will accept the proviso, take the money and leave "instanter," as we are very sure he is not wanted here.


THINGS UP HERE. -The Harrisburg Telegraph and Patriot and Union have lately been commenting on political affairs in Altoona, in a style which would indicate that one does not believe what the other says. In order to set then right, so far as we can, we give them the following information on the disputed topic: - The Peoples' Party Club numbers exactly 151, at this date, and there is a "Wide Awake" Club connected with it which numbers 50. The National Union Association (Bell and Everett) numbers 155 - There are a number of men of both parties named who are not connected with either of the clubs. The opposition vote to the Democracy in this place, at the Presidential election, will be in the neighborhood of 350, unless a change be made between this and that time. Both wings of the opposition are enthusiastic, and they will stand about neck and neck on the Presidential vote. The Democracy have been lying quiet, until within the last couple of weeks. Their Club now meets every Thursday evening and they are preparing for a grand rally at the Gubernatorial election. The Presidential question is not discussed by them.


EXCURSION TICKETS TO STATE FAIR. - Excursion tickets will be issued from all stations on the Penn'a Rail Road, to Harrisburg, September 23d to 27th inclusive, good for return trip until September 30th, to persons attending the State Fair to be held on Wyoming Battle Ground, near Scranton, Luzerne county. At Harrisburg excursionists can take either of the following routes, the length of which are about the same.


1st. Take the Northern Central Rail Rood, from Harrisburg to Milton; the Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie Rail Road, from Milton to Rupert; the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail Road from Rupert to Scranton.


2nd. Take the Lebanon Valley R. R from Harrisburg to Reading; the Little Schuylkill and the Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie R. R. from Reading to Rupert; and the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail Road from Rupert to Scranton.


DEMOCRATIC CLUB MEETING. -The Democratic club of this place held a spirited meeting in Shultz's Hall, on Thursday evening last. We were not in attendance, but were close enough to hear the applause with which the speech of "mine host" of the Altoona House, Col. Woods, who was the principal speaker, was greeted. - By the way, the Col, is a candidate for Associate Judge in this county, and should he be elected would make a portly and dignified dispenser of law and equity. If services to party deserve reward, the Col. should receive a handsome vote. The political complexion of the county is rather unfavorable to his election, nevertheless "doubtful things are mighty uncertain" this fall, and the Col. might fall on the lucky side of the fence.


The Democratic Club will meet regularly every Thursday evening hereafter, at Shultz's Hall.


PEOPLES' PARTY MEETING. - A mass meeting of the Peoples' Party will be held in this place on Monday evening next, September 3d, to be addressed by Hon. Daniel Ullman, of New York, Hon. R. M. Palmer, of Schuylkill county, and Hon. S. S. Blair. The "Wide Awake" clubs of Tyrone and Hollidaysburg, the latter accompanied by Van Tries' Cornet Band, will be in attendance, together with the "Wide Awake" club of this place, accompanied by the Altoona Brass Band.


A. M. L. & R. R. A. - The Chairman of the Committee on models and minerals, of the Altoona Mechanics' Library and Reading Room Association, desires the members of that Committee to meet in the Library Room on Friday evening, Aug. 31st, at 8 o'clock. The members of the Committee are ?. Wilson, Frank Thompson, George Grier, L. Miller and J. R. Finley.


ATTEMPT AT RAPE. - The world is full of crime, and our own county is not free from its influences. On Tuesday evening last, a scene occurred in Allegheny township, which puts to blush all others that we have heard of in Blair county. A Mrs. Filer and her little son had been on the mountain above Allegheny Forges hunting after huckleberries, and after getting down to the pike, they were met by a beast in human shape, named Michael Corcon, [Corcoran*] who made a most desperate attempt to violate her person. The woman resisted all his efforts, when he determined by force to accomplish his wishes, by taking hold of her, when a regular resistance occurred on her part, resulting in his knocking some of her front teeth out, tearing the hair from her head, and maltreating her in other ways. The little son assisted his mother as much as possible, by scratching the face of Corcon and pulling him, but he persisted, as she says, in accomplishing his hellish designs. As soon as Mrs. Filer could reach her home, and relate the circumstances, she made information before a Justice, which resulted in his arrest near Claysburg, in this county, some ten miles from the place of the commission of the foul deed. He is now in jail, and will no doubt be tried at the October Sessions. - Whig.


ARRESTED. - On Tuesday morning last, a son of John Stahl, of this place, was arrested and brought before Esquire Cherry, for selling liquor on the camp ground at Bell's Mills, contrary to law. It appears that he had some five or six bottles of whiskey and two or three tumblers in a carpet bag, which he carried about with him, and dealt out portions to those who wanted a "nip." When arrested, two of the bottles were full, one partly full, and the others empty. When before the squire, Mr. Stahl denied all knowledge of the doings of his son, and appeared much mortified at his conduct and the result. The boy was bound over to appear at the next term of Court.


PEOPLES' PARTY CLUB MEETING. - The Club room of the Peoples' Party of this place, was well filled on Friday evening last, to hear the address advertised to be delivered by Col . L. W. Hall. At a little after eight o'clock, Mr. Hall made his bow to the audience and proceeded to deliver one of the most reasonable political speeches we have listed to for some time. As we predicted, it was free from all harsh language and was addressed to the judgement and not the prejudices of his audience. Although delivered extempore it gave evidence of having been well thought over. Mr. H. is a pleasant speaker, and was listened to with close attention. His address undoubtedly had good effect so far as the cause he advocated is concerned.


FOOT SMASHED. - On Wednesday afternoon last, George Bolinger, a brakeman on the Local Freight train between this place and Mifflin, had one of his feet severely injured by being caught between the "bull-nose" of a freight car and a piece of iron, Y shaped, which holds the coupling of a market car. One part of the Y shaped iron was driven completely through the instep of his foot. Other parts of his foot were somewhat bruised. He was brought to this place and placed under the care of Dr. Gemmill, who thinks that he can save the foot.


ZOUAVE STRING BAND. - Under the above name, a number of young men in this place, have organized a String Band, and are now engaged in practicing two or three evenings in each week. They made their debut on Thursday evening last, and honored several of our citizens with a serenade, the writer hereof among the number, for which they will consider our best bow made. - Considering the short time they have been practicing, their music was creditable. We have long needed a band of this kind, and we hope this one may not fall through.


MORE PLUMS. - One day last week, our friend, D. M. Greene, left with us a small branch of a plum tree, taken from his lot, on which there were about 70 plums, in a space of less than 10 inches. They were the common blue plum and remarkably sound to be so closely packed together. Mr. G. has taken great care of his trees, promptly removing everything that would injure them, and has thus obtained a large crop. All that is required to have good crops of plums is to take care of the trees.


Friend Over, of the Bedford Inquirer, dropped into our sanctum, on Monday morning last, by accident, nevertheless we were glad to meet one of the craft whom we never had met before. Like all political editors about this time, he exhibited a little excitement on political questions, and appeared sanguine of the success of his candidates. He talks like a book and looks like a clever fellow.


CONCERT. - The concert given by Prof. Henry and company, in the Altoona Academy on Thursday evening last, was rather slimly attended. - Other engagements prevented us from attending - consequently we can not speak of the merits of the entertainment.


A HORRIBLE CASE. - The Tyrone Star of this week details a horrible case of debauchery on the part of a woman in Ironsville, in this county, and her consequent neglect of her child, some three weeks old. A few days since, while she was lying on the porch in front of her house, in a beastly state of intoxication, some neighbors were attracted by the cries of the infant and on going into the house found it lying on the floor covered in filth, and so emaciated as to scarcely have the semblance of a human being. Its limbs were not thicker than the finger of a man, and its feet and hands resembled the claws of an animal, whilst its face was fairly distorted with the pangs of hunger it was suffering. The child was taken up and cared for by some of the humane neighbors, and a physician summoned, who was of the opinion that it was so far reduced by actual starvation as to leave little hope of its recovery. The inhuman mother, whose name is Biddy Creeley, (her husband, Dennis Creeley, is now in jail on the charge of threatening the lives of his neighbors,) was arrested immediately and committed to jail on the charge of willfully and cruelly neglecting and abandoning her child. She richly deserves a term in the penitentiary.


CAMP MEETING. - The camp meeting now in progress at Bell's Mills is said to be the largest held in this vicinity for several years. There are twenty-seven tents on the ground and a large force of ministers. The excursion train from this place, on Sunday morning, contained twenty cars, all of which were filled by the time the train reached the camp ground. The crowd on the ground on Sunday was very large, and is variously estimated from two to three thousand, nevertheless, good order was maintained throughout. It is to be hoped that the meeting may result in much good.


A. S. S. A. - The Altoona Sabbath School Association will met in the basement of the Presbyterian Church, on Friday evening, September 7th, at 7 1/2 o'clock. The following questions will come before the Association for discussion: -


1st. Is there any advantage to be derived from the use of the "Union Question Book" in imparting Biblical instruction to a Sunday School Class?


2d. Is it expedient under the present circumstances, to continue longer the Altoona Union Sabbath School Association?


WHITE HALL MEETING . - A meeting of the People's Party Club of Logan Township was held at White Hall Hotel, on Saturday evening last, which was addressed by Hon. S. S. Blair, the People's Party candidate for Congress. The "Wide Awake" Club of this place was out on parade, and made a creditable appearance. They carried some fifty torches and were preceded by the Altoona Brass Band.


The Bell-Everett party held a meeting at Allegheny Furnace on Tuesday evening last, and the People's Party hold one there this (Thursday) evening. The National Union Club of this place, attended the meeting last evening, preceded by a martial band, and four men carrying a bell, which they tolled as they walked. We understand that the "Wide Awake" Club will go out to the meeting to-night.


LEG BROKEN. - Wm. Ball, the proprietor of the barber shop under the Altoona House, had his leg broken immediately above the ankle, by a fall on the board walk in front of the Exchange Hotel, on Wednesday last, while attempting to separate two dogs who were fighting. The fracture was adjusted by Dr. J. T. Christy, and the man is now getting well as fast as could be expected.




On the 9th inst., by Rev. Thomas Barnhart, Mr. Edward McArdle and Miss Julia Ann Gettleman, both of Springfield Furnace, Blair county.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, August 30, 1860, page 3






Com. Vs. Michael Corcoran. Indictment - assault and battery with intent to commit rape on the person of Mrs. Catharine Filer. The evidence against him was conclusive and he made no defense. The jury returned a verdict of guilty without leaving the box. He was sentenced to undergo an imprisonment of four years in the Western Penitentiary, in separate and solitary confinement at hard labor, pay a fine of $5 and costs of prosecution.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, November 8, 1860




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