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Thursday, August 19, 1858




THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. - The exhibition of teachers and applicants for the public schools in this place, came off in the West Ward School House, on Thursday last. There were over thirty persons present to be examined.


On Friday evening following, the School Directors met and made the following appointments of teachers for the schools of this borough for the ensuing term: -




No. 1. John Rutherford.
No. 2. Miss Priscilla M. McCrum.
No. 3. Mr. M. G. Crawford and Miss Kate Gwinn.




No. 1 Mr. J. K. Kounsman.
No. 2 Miss Currance T. Benedict.
No. 3 Mr. M. K. Williams and Miss Nannie Galbraith.


Miss Benedict has not yet accepted the school offered her, and there may therefore be a change, which will be announced next week.


THE CAMP MEETING. - The Camp Meeting which commences to-morrow, on the road between this place and Hollidaysburg, promises to be well attended by the members of the different charges. The reduction of fare on the Railroad, between Huntingdon and Johnstown, to excursion rates, together with the close proximity of the camp to the Branch Road, and the conveniences in point of accommodations in the line of eating and sleeping to be had in this place and Hollidaysburg by a few minutes ride on a train which will run to and from the camp three times a day, will induce many persons to at least attend who would otherwise be compelled to stay away.


REGIMENTAL OFFICERS. - The following are the appointments of the Regimental Staff Officers for the 1st Regiment in the 4th Brigade, 16th Division P. U. M.:


Dr. R. W. Christy, Surgeon, with rank of Major; Dr. John Feny, Assistant Surgeon, with the rank of Captain; Capt. D. H. Hofius, Judge Advocate with the rank of Major; 1st Lieut. J. C. Osterloch, Adjutant; C. R. Hostetter, Regimental Quarter Master, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Non-Commissioned Staff: - Lorenzo D. White, Sergeant Major, Frederick E. Shindel, Drum Major.


By order of JACOB HIGGINS, Lieut. Col. Commanding. J. C. OSTERLOH, Adjutant.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION. - A notice has just been issued by the Superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad to the effect that on and after September 1st, passengers can procure tickets to and from all regular stations on the road at one-half cent per mile less than the rates to be charged in the cars, after that date. Passengers will promote their own convenience and save sixteen per cent. by purchasing their tickets before taking seats in the cars.


DEAD. - Wm. C. Knox, the young man employed in our office a short time since, who was attacked with hemorrhage of the lungs, while walking across the street in the vicinity of the Superintendent's office, died at the residence of his brother, in Perrysville, Juniata county, on Sunday morning list. He was attacked with hemorrhage on the morning in question, and died in a few minutes.


CAMP MEETING. - Birmingham Circuit will hold a Camp Meeting, commencing on Friday, the 10th day of September next, in a beautiful grove a short distance above the Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Tyrone City. There is an abundance of excellent water on the ground. Minister and people of the M. E. Church, and of all others churches of the surrounding neighborhood, are respectfully invited to attend.


SEVERE ACCIDENT. - Silas, son of Harry Maus of this place, and about twelve years of age, met with a severe accident on Saturday last. - The injured lad and several boys about his own age had procured some powder and a piece of fuse, and were playing "dig ore" back of town. The blast was prepared and the fuse ignited; but not going off immediately, they came to the conclusion that it had gone out, when young Maus ventured forward and commenced blowing the fuse, in the act of doing which it exploded. His face was shockingly burned, and it was feared at first that he would lose both his eyes. Fortunately his injuries were not so serious as was apprehended, and with proper care and attention he will recover with a badly scarred face. Another warning to those lads who are in the habit of playing with powder, and one which it is hoped they will heed. - Standard.


BITTEN BY A DOG. - One day last week, a little girl, daughter of Wm. Nesbit, of this place, was severely bitten on the leg and arm by a ferocious dog in the yard of Mr. Smith. It appears the little girl attempted to take something out of a bucket which stood in the yard, whereupon the dog broke the chain with which he was tied and seized her. With considerable difficulty the dog was beaten off and the girl conveyed home where her wounds were dressed and she is now doing well. The dog was afterwards shot and killed.


KILLED BY LIGHTNING. - An aged man named Solomon Wolfe, was killed by lightning during the storm on Tuesday afternoon of last week, whilst engaged in ploughing a field, near Canoe Creek, in this county. The electric fluid penetrated the top of his head and passed out at his feet, producing instantaneous death. - Standard.




On the 12th inst., at the house of Mr. Thomas Elway, by Rev. S. A. Wilson, Mr. B. P. Lamason to Miss Irene Baer, all of Altoona.


With the above notice we received a lion's share of the good things which graced the festal board, for which we return the happy donors our warmest thanks, and express the hope that they may ever be as kindly dealt with by fickle fortune as we have been by them. May their joys be great, their prosperity unbounded, their lives long and their deaths triumphant.




On the 10th instant, in Logan township, D. James, son of Jonathan and Mary Ann Christian, aged 1 year, 11 months and 27 days.


Altoona Tribune, Altoona, Pa., Thursday, August 19, 1858, page 3




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