The Bedford Gazette-
Was the first newspaper published in the county on 21 September 1805.  Charles McDowell was the first publisher.

The Bedford County Press-
Was a 6 column, 4 page paper.  When the town's name was changed to Everett (from Bloody Run), the paper was enlarged and greatly improved.  It's name was changed from the Bedford County Press to Everett Press.

The Bedford Inquirer- (The True American)
Became the second newspaper to be published in the county in July 1812.  Thomas R. Gettys was the publisher.  Publishing of this paper ended in 1827. 

The Democratic Enquirer-
This paper was Thomas R. Gettys' successor to 'The Bedford Inquirer.'  It was first published on 12 October 1827.

Everett Press-
The Bedford County Press, which was established at Bloody Run (now Everett) on 4 March 1868 by Joseph C. Long, Esq., Emeline Hoffmier and Dr. P. H. Pensyl.

Everett Republican-
This paper was established on 4 APril, 1894 by John C. Chamberlain (publisher) and Col. John M. Bowman (editor).  It was a 4-page, 7-column paper.  In was enlarged in 1899 to an 8-page, 6-column paper.

Hyndman Bulletin-

Pennsylvania Hawkeye-
First published in 1894 by rev. L. M. Colfeltt.

Saxton Herald-
This paper was the successor to the Saxton Independent.  It was first published in 1884 by William Thompson.

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