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Canadian Obituaries have been updated


Beaver County Cemeteries
F-A-G Indexes [FS]

Cem Books: 1, 2, 3, 4

Beaver Co., Cems included in the Archives can be found here.
St Titus Cemetery - Burial Register
1902 > 1923

Kings Creek Cemetery, Hanover Twp
LDS 893734

St Joseph's Cemetery - Partial Survey

The hand written Pages for the Burial Register are available:
1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50
51-61, Single: 48-61
Thank's Jen!

LDS Film 856808: Cemeteries
Old Transcriptions
Baden, Concord Presbyterian, Mt Olivet, Mt Oliver [Ind], P1-15 - P16-29
 John Anderson Memorial
Old Economy. A-L, M-Z [German Translations which include arrival in the US]

Harmony Society -Wiki
All of the above files have an index at the end of the Transcriptions and are searchable pdf files.


Montana Divorces, 1943-1986
PassPort Applications


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Vital Records, Obituaries, Cemeteries
The basic search locations for Vital Records such as Family Search and The Butler County, PA Genealogical Society will just be links.
The Databases and links below will assist you with your research.

The indexes below were created from FS & Anc Databases and have data for the three Pennsylvania Counties I host: Allegheny, Beaver & Jefferson
[Coming Soon: Lawrence County, PA
The linked titles will give you access to the indexes, look for "PA"

Please use the 'Vital Records' Link for access. The chart below is current.

Vital Records : Marriages
Alabama > Kentucky Mass. > Montana Nebraska > Wisconsin
AL,Marr,2Dbs,6Sts MA,Marr,4Dbs,5Sts NE-Marr,1855-1908
AR-Marr-1837-1957 MA-Marr-NH NYCty,NY,Marr,1829-1940,CA,MO
AZ-Marr-1865-1964 ME-Marr-1713-1922 NYCtyNY-Marr1829-1940-HillsNH
CACoMar-NH-1850-1952 MI,Mar,1867-1952,VT2 NYCtyNY-Marr1829-1940-MN
CACoMarr,4Sts MI-Mar,1867-1952,MO4 OH-Marr-1789-2013
IA-CoMarr1838-1934 MI-Mar-4dbs,PA OR-Marr-1851-1975
ID,Marr,2Dbs,6Sts MI-Mar-CA,OR PA,CoMarr,1845-1963,6Sts
ID,Marr,3Dbs,Anc MI-Mar-MN PA-Marr,FS,1709-1950,6Sts
IDChMarr-1864-1976 MI-Mar-NH SLO-Marr1870-1910
IL,Marr,2Dbs,CA,OR MN-Marr-1849-1950 SLO-Marr-1911-20
IL-Marr-2-PA MT,Marr,1943-86,6Sts SLO-Marr1921-30
IL-Marr2-MN MTCo,Marr,1865-1987,4Sts TX-Mar-1837-2015
IL-Marr2-MO3 MTCoMar,1865-1987,MN VA-Marr-1785-1940
IL-Marr2-NH MTCoMar-1865-1987,PA VT,Marr,1909-2008,5Sts
IN-Marr-1811-2007,4Sts MT-Marr-1865-1950-CA VT-Marr-1909-2008-HillsNH
IN-Marr-1811-2007-MN MT-Marr-1865-1950-MN WA-Marr-1854-2013,CA,MO,NH
IN-Marr-1811-2007-MO MT-Marr-1865-1950-MO WA-Marr-1854-2013,PA
IN-Marr-1811-2007-PA MT-Marr-1865-1950-NH WA-Marr-1854-2013-MN
KS,Marr,3Dbs,7Sts MT-Marr-1865-1950-PA WI-Marr-1836-1911,PA
KY-Marr-1785-1979 MT-Marr-4Cos,MN WI-Marr-1836-1911-HillsNH
MT-Marr-Henn,MN WI-Marr-1836-1911-MN


Poulson's American Daily Advertiser

This publication has Marriage and Deaths gleaned from the Newspaper:

The dates range from Jan 1800 > Dec 1810 for both Marriages & Deaths.

The whole book can be downloaded from the FS Catalog: Log in to FS and use 'Catalog' Search and "Poulson".
The Alpha pages are combined as listed below:

A>B, C>E,  F>H,  I>L,  Mc, M>O, P>R, S, T>Z

The pages are hand written by one person, so once you get used to the formation of the letters the names are not too hard to read.
I will send Sets of Alpha Pages and/or Years of interest as pdf batches.
They are too big to upload.

Death & Burial Records
Many Indexes will be found using the above link

Newspaper Records & Obituary Indexes
Use the above link for updated indexes.

Obits from the old Pages / 1888 Obits [Historical]

I  have access to San Luis Obispo County Newspapers and will do lookups
Obits-GenealogyBank [FS]:  Born: NH, MN, MO, OR, PA, & VT
Died: San Luis Obispo Co., CA  / Contact for Query

Records from the CA portion of Vital Search.
CA, County Birth, Marriage & Death Records: 1849-1980
States & Counties as Listed on the main Cyber Index Page
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