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Pulaski Township

This township was formed out of part of New Sewickley, September 14, 1854. Its dimensions were very much reduced by the erection of Daugherty township, January 27, 1894. It lies a little northeast of the center of the county, and is enclosed by Daugherty township on the north and east, with New Brighton borough on the west and Rochester township on the south. Blockhouse Run, which rises in Daugherty township, flows through it, and empties into the Beaver at the lower end of New Brighton.

The report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs for 1900 shows the township of Pulaski as having 163 taxables, 274 acres of cleared land, and real estate amounting in value to $195,498. The latter was divided into real estate exempt from taxation, $16,200; and real estate taxable, $179,298. Its population, as shown by the United States Census for 1900, was 728.

The surface of the township is very irregular, and is occupied by the Lower Coal Series. The abundance of good coal and of clay specially adapted to the manufacture of various products, such as terra-cotta ware, sewer-pipe, fire-bricks, grate-backs, etc., has made this district a busy hive of industry, many mportant plants elsewhere described being located here.

Source: History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2
By Joseph Henderson Bausman   (1904)
Pages 1031-1032

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Pulaski Township

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