Beaver County, Pennsylvania Genealogy

Patterson Township

The history of the organization of this township will be found in full in Chapter XXV.   The township is very small, having, according to the Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, for 1900, 200 taxables, 416 acres of cleared land, 101 acres of timber land, and a total value of real estate of $143,535.   Of the latter, $135,533 was real estate taxable, and $8000 real estate exempt from taxation.

The geology of this township is interesting, and will be found fully described in the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, Report of Progress Q., pp. 247-251.

The early settlers of this region were Quakers, who did much for the educational and social and business advancement of the whole surrounding country.   The population of the township in 1900 was, by the United States Census, 433. Patterson Heights borough was formed from a part of this township, June 19, 1899.

Source:  History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2
By Joseph Henderson Bausman   (1904)
Page 949

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Patterson Township
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