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North Sewickley Township

This township lies in the northern part of the county, and is bounded on the north by Lawrence County, on the east by Franklin and Marion townships, on the south by New Sewickley and Daugherty, and on the west by the Big Beaver River, with Chippewa and Big Beaver townships opposite. The Conoquenessing Creek flows along its northeastern border. A small branch of Brush Creek heads in the southeastern corner, and the main stream enters the township from the east near the point at which the Conoquenessing touches its territory and empties into the latter about one mile below. Bennett's Run, a small stream, rises in the southern part of the township and enters the Big Beaver from the east.

While the streams heading within the township are all small, the Beaver and Conoquenessing valleys make a deep drainage all around it, and the surface of the country is very much broken and hilly The scenery on the streams of this region is very wild and picturesque. A good quality of coal is found in several parts of the township, with excellent limestone and sandstone, and the soil is in many portions very rich.

This township was formed out of the territory of the original Sewickley township, which covered the greater portion of the county lying east of the Big Beaver Creek. In 1801 New Sewickley township was formed out of Sewickley by the court of Allegheny County, and North Sewickley was probably the part remaining.

In this township is the collection of houses, hardly large or compact enough to be called a village, but known as North Sewickley. The post office, about a mile and a half to the north, was established in 1837. May 27, 1845, the name of the office was changed to Wurtemberg, but the old name was restored in 1849. The list of postmasters from the first and the dates of their appointments, are as follows:

Absalom S. Severns, Sr., Dec. 13, 1837; Absalom Severns, July 19, 1839; Nathaniel Hazen, May 10, 1842; Jonathan L. Leet, Nov. 8, 1849; James W. Taylor, March 19, 1851; Melvin Nye, April 2, 1856; James Patton, Jan. 26, 1860; James M. Runyon, Feb. 1, 1866; Milton A. Clow, March 7, 1867; Archibald M. Mecklem, May 12, 1869; Millard F. Mecklem, April 9, 1874; Robert C. Criswell. Jan. 7, 1875; Nathan Hazen, June 14, 1875; Edward W. Liebendorfer, Dec. 21, 1882; Marcus E. Caven, Jan. 10, 1888; J. Ellis Ewing, July 23, 1897; Moses C. Swick, March 30, 1898.

Providence Baptist Church. - This church is located at North Sewickley, and is the oldest one of this denomination in Beaver County. Previous to 1801, Ezekiel Jones and Hannah, his wife, came from New Jersey to this region and settled on the banks of the Conoquenessing, about four miles above its confluence with the Big Beaver. Their rude log cabin stood, according to tradition, where an old apple tree now stands at the south end of the present covered bridge, a few feet to the right. Here came to them in 1801 Elder Henry Spear, an itinerant Baptist preacher, who delivered in their house the first sermon ever preached in this part of the State by one of his faith, and here, on November 14, 1801, was constituted by him the first Baptist church ever organized in western Pennsylvania. The church had twenty one members, and from these Ezekiel Jones was chosen deacon or lay elder. In his house the church continued to meet for some time when it was decided to build a house of worship, and a log church was erected on a hill about three quarters of a mile farther south. This stood until 1848, when a frame church was built near by, and the old building, by resolution, was torn down and the logs given to the pastor, Jacob Morris, who built out of them a barn, which is still standing on the farm now owned by Godfrey Yahn. The new building stood until 1856, when it was destroyed by a storm. The next year it was replaced by the present frame structure, which was, however, remodeled in 1898.

This church has been served by twenty four pastors. The first, Henry Spear, remained but one year. Henry Frazure was elected in 1802 and remained until 1812. Then followed Thomas Rigdon, 1813-14; Andrew Clark, 1814-20; Henry Frazure, 1820-24. The records at this point are no longer clear. They show Samuel McMillen's name as of one laboring in the field from 1824 to 1831, and that of John Winter from 1827 to 1828.

This would indicate two pastors, or else a pastor and an assistant. Both ministers were delegates from the church to the Association in 1827. In July, 1832, William Stone became pastor and remained until 1834. Thomas Daniels served from 1836 to 1844, and was succeeded by Daniel Daniels, 1844-46; Jacob Morris, 1846-55; John Trevitt, supply, six months; John Parker, 1856-59; A. G. Kirk, 1859-62; John Trevitt, 1862-66; D. W. C. Hervey, 1866-72; W. B. Skinner, 1872-75; R. B. Godfrey, April-October, 1875; C. H. Hervey, 1876-79; J. W. Snyder, 1879-82; H. H. Leamy, 1883-86; L. S. Colborn, 1887- 91; H. C. Bond, 1892-95; W. H. McKinney, 1895-97; W. A. Grover, 1897-99; J. H. Lowe, 1899-.

The records do not show the amount of salary the early ministers received, but we may be sure that salaries were small and partly paid in farm produce at that.

In 1833 Mr. Dodd presented a petition asking the church to organize a branch on the "big bever." This was granted, and a log structure was begun at Bellton on the Beaver Creek, but it was never finished.

The following were elders in this church in early days: Ezekiel Jones, Henry Kikendall, Oliver Jones, Isaac, Nathaniel, and John Hazen, John Robinson, Nathan Hazen, Benjamin Reno, William Gardner, Matthew Kelley, Daniel Main, Samuel Thomas, James B. Hazen, Joseph Hazen, and John Thomas. October 23-24, 1901, the hundredth anniversary of the organization of this church was appropriately celebrated.

Source: History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2
By Joseph Henderson Bausman   (1904)
Parts taken from pages 956-963

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