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Harmony Township

This township was formed, April 3, 1851, from Economy township. It lies in the southeastern part of the county, being bounded on the north and east by Economy township, on the south by Allegheny County, and on the west by the Ohio River.

One small stream flows through the northern part of the township and empties into the Ohio River just below Legionville. On Daniel Leet's map of surveys in 1785, referred to on page 974, this stream is marked "Logs Town Run." The soil of the township is very good and well cultivated. The population of Harmony township, as shown by the United States Census for 1900, was 650. In the same year it had 187 taxables, 1593 acres of cleared land, and 1196 acres of timber land. Its total value of real estate was $650,301, of which $21,900 was exempt from taxation, and $628,401 was taxable. This township is very small, but is of peculiar interest from its association with the Harmony Society, from which it derived its name. The whole of this township was until recently the property of that Society. Three places within its limits are of great interest historically: Logstown, which was a center of activity in the period when the French and English were contending for supremacy in the Ohio valley; Legionville, which, during the winter of 1792-93, was the camping-ground of the army organized by Major-General Anthony Wayne for the overthrow of the Miami Confederation of Indians; and Economy, since 1825 the home of the noted communistic association called the Harmony Society.

Source:   History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2
By Joseph Henderson Bausman   (1904)
Pages 969-970

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Harmony Township

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