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Aliquippa was formerly a borough. It was named a city in 1987 by the Aliquippa Borough Council.

Aliquippa was founded by the merger of three towns: Aliquippa, Woodlawn, and New Sheffield. There is no evidence connecting the Seneca Queen Alliquippa with the location of the borough. This was one of several Indian names selected arbitrarily by the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad in 1878 for stations along the route. Aliquippa is best known as the location of a productive steel mill that the Jones and Laughlin Steel Company constructed there along the Ohio River beginning in 1905. Employment at the facility sustained a population of 27,023 in 1940.

Source:  Wikipedia for 'Aliquippa, Pennsylvania'

History of the former Borough of Aliquippa

The village of Aliquippa took its name from an Indian queen who at one time lived on or not far from its site. In 1753 she was living at the mouth of the Youghiogany River, and was visited there by Washington in that year. He says in his Journal: "I went up about three miles to the mouth of the Youghiogany, to visit Queen Aliquippa, who had expressed great concern that we passed her in going to the fort. I made her a present of a watch-coat [1]  and a bottle of rum, which latter was thought much the better present of the two." Chartiers Creek, which empties into the Ohio some miles above this place, was known in early days as Aliquippa's Creek.

Footnote at the bottom of page 850:   [1]   A "watch coat" was a kind of waterproof overcoat or cloak - see the Pennsylvania Magazine (Philadelphia) for December, 1775, for curious directions for a "cheap method of making a Watch Coat for soldiers, chiefly here in America."

Post-Office, Population, Education, Etc.

The post-office at this place was established, October 12, 1892, and the first postmaster, Joseph Stubert, assumed charge at that date. He was succeeded in the office by John W. Hall, June 11, 1897; Maggie Brown, December 11, 1900; and Maggie Babb, May 14, 1902. By the United States Census for 1900 the population of Aliquippa borough was 620. There is here a good common school, with a neat building erected about three years ago. The leading hotel of the town is the Hotel Columbia, proprietor, John Wiegle. Aliquippa Park is a beautiful picnic grounds, just on the edge of the borough, with a station on the Pittsburg & Lake Erie Railroad.

Source:  History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2
By Joseph Henderson Bausman   (1904)
Portions from pages 850-851

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