Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Part II

The Wattersons Of Four Mile

3rd Gen. - Andrew Watterson and Margaret Hunter McGaffick.

4th Gen. - Great, Grandson, Andrew Hice Watterson, M-Florence Barclay.
- Jennie Elizabeth Watterson, M-Zachariah Jorden (Great Granddaughter).

5th Gen. - Great, Great, Granddaughter, Margaret Isabel Carnes, M-Evart Lelsie Ervin.

6th Gen. - Great, Great, Great, Granddaughter, Marjorie Faye Ervin Kerst.
- Great, Great, Great, Granddaughter, Marilyn Jean Ervin Hodgen.

5th Gen. - Great, Great, Granddaughter, Mary Ethel Carnes, M-John Gayman Hoop.
- Great, Great, Granddaughter, Helen Grace Carnes, M-Frank Arron Keagy.

6th Gen. - Great, Great, Great, Grandson, William Jordan Keagy, M-Barbara Jean Erath.

7th Gen. - Great, Great, Great, Great, Granddaughter, Peggy Lynn Keagy. Member of Four Mile.
- Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandson, Mark William Keagy. Attended Four Mile.

6th Gen. - Great, Great, Great, Granddaughter, Ethel Carol Keagy Murphy.

4th Gen. - Great, Granddaughter, Mary Isabel Watterson, M-David Milton Davis.
The Reverend David Milton Davis was the minister at Four Mile at one time.

5th Gen. - Thelma Faye Davis, M-Walter Kyle Downie and were members of Four Mile.

Thelma is the Great, Great, Granddaughter of Polly McGaffick; the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Davis.

4th Gen. - Great, Grandson, George Franklin Watterson.
- Great, Grandson, Jesse Howard Watterson.
- Great, Granddaughter, Margaret Faye Watterson, M-Edward Sewall Guthrie.
- Great, Grandson, J. Scott.

The Fourth Generation Correct Order: Brothers and Sisters of Mrs. Carnes-is as follows: George, Jesse, Hice, Elizabeth, Mary Margaret and J. Scott

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