Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Part II

Sanctuary Lighting

At the time when evening services were started in the old sanctuary, light was supplied by individual kerosene oil lamps. The lamps sat in a holder that fit into a permanent bracket at each window or where light was needed. Each bracket had a reflector in back of it to help increase the light.

In addition there was a chandelier hanging in the center of the sanctuary which was a hollow copper ring at least six feet in diameter and had about twelve kerosene lamps positioned on it. The ring was suspended by chains to a center point above the lamps then to a rope which extended up thru a hole in the ceiling and over a pulley which was attached to one of the roof beams. This permitted the raising and lowering of the chandelier for filling the ring with kerosene and the lighting of lamps. We don't know where the free end of the rope went, but assume it came down along the east wall. (The raising and lowering of the chandelier is conjecture by the writer. The other information is from members who went to church here when the chandelier was used.)

Years later when the pressurized gasoline light came into being, there were three double light fixtures put in the sanctuary over each aisle. They were hung low enough to be reached from the floor.

These fixtures provided more light. Each double light had it's own tank for fuel and air pump to pressurize the tank to provide the right mixture of gas and air to keep it burning. Each light had an ash mantle which glowed bright white when heated like the Coleman camp lamp used today.

At times the minister had more air than the tank so the light would have to be taken down and pumped up during the service.

We have a couple of the lamp fixtures, one globe but no tanks.

Then electricity reached Four Mile. The electric light fixtures in the sanctuary were suspended from the ceiling on a long chain. A large bulb inside of a large white globe gave more adequate light.

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