Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Part II


In talking to some of the people who have been associated with Four Mile for up to seventy years or more, all had a story to tell of things they remembered.

Some cherished the memory of the wedding and the pastor who married them, others the lasting friendships that grew from associations at Four Mile.

It seems that each family had a favorite tree to tie their horses to, so by looking at the horses you knew who was in church. Every tree had a metal ring in it for tying the horse.

Snow made for fun times with sleds and sleighs but curtailed the traveling and getting together. In the winter it was only those who sat close to one of the two pot bellied stoves in the church who stayed warm, at least on one side. Extra robes or blankets were standard equipment.

In the fall of the year for many years, apple butter was made by some of the women of the church. The men helped too by setting up the big copper or copper lined kettles, supplying the fire wood and helping to tend the fires.

On day one the women pared the five or more bushels of apples and the men set up the kettles. On day two the three kettles were filled with the pared apples; some boiled down apple cider (or water if the cider was not available) and cooked for hours while being stirred with long handled paddles. When the 25 to 30 pounds of sugar were added near the end of the boiling process, the stirring did not stop as it kept the apple butter from sticking to the pot. Lots of cinnamon was used for flavor. When the apple butter was declared done, it was ladled into clean hot jars, capped, and set aside to cool.

The three kettles filled from 150 to 200 quart jars to sell with the proceeds going to the women's project.

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