Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

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The association Presbytery of Ohio was organized in 1808. It was to this Presbytery that application was made for the first preaching in this neigborhood. The first application was made at a meeting of Presbytery, held at what was then called Greersburg, now Darlington, March 28, 1811, and Mr. Imbrie was appointed to preach. It was said that the first religious services were held in the woods, on the farm of Mr. George Barclay, South-East of his house. Again, at the meeting of Presbytery, February 13, 1812, a verbal petition for supple was presented, and Mr. Duncan was appointed to preach at Anderson's farm on the second Sabbath of March.. It is believed that the Anderson referred toin the minutes, is the Anderson who owned the landnow owned by William Anderson Laird, and some more that he did own; for though he belonged to the Presbyterian Church, yet it is said that he offered the new congregation land on which to build the church. At a meeting of Presbytery, held April 7, 1812, a member, Mr Murray, was appointed to preach at the West Branch of Beaver, and Tuesday following at Anderson's. He was instructed to intimate to the congregation the necessity of sending a commissioner to Presbytery (Darlington congregation being also enjoined to send a commissioner), for the purpose of settling the boundary between Darlington congregation and the proposed new congregation, as it seems Presbyteries exercised more power in those times than they do now. They determined to what congregation within certain limits persons should belong. At the next meeting of Presbytery, held at Darlington, June 10, 1812, the commissioners of Darlington, and the new congregation, were instructed by Presbytery, to withdraw and confer among themselves respecting their boundaries, and immediately report to Presbytery. They reported in a short time that they were not able to agree as to the fixing of the boundaries. And then the record says that Presbytery entered on the consideration of their case, and agreed to orgainze the congregation at Anderson's, now called the Four Mile Square congregation, directing that none of their subscribers be within five miles of Darlington Church, be considered as belonging to that congregation. But when the distance was measured from Darlington, Anderson's was found to be within ten miles of Darlington; and this is believed to bethe reason why Anderson's grant of land was not accepted. It was not far enough from Darlington. And though the name of the congregation is Four Mile, or Four Mile Square, yet the old church building was not, neither is the new one, included within the section of land called by this name. For the congregation was no doubt named after the name of the section of land. This land is called "Four Mile Square," because it was appropriated with other pieces of land of the same amount in various places, by an act of Legislature, passed in 1777, and again in 1778, to redeem the depreciated certificates of the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Mr. Imbrie was appointed to preach on the first Sabbath of July. It is believed that it was at this time that the congregation was organized, though the exact day can not be given. But it was in the month of July, 1812. At the time the first communion was help by Mr. Imbrie, Dr. Anderson, Of Service, assisting.

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