Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Part II

The Four Mile U. P. Church Cemetery

The Four Mile Presbyterian Church cemetery was established adjacent to the congregation's first house of worship, in the hollow about one-quarter mile east of the present church.

For many years there was little or no maintenance of the cemetery until a group of young people took on the task in 1971 and did cleaning up along with cataloging the names on the tombstones. A few years later another group of church members again went to work at the cemetery, this time digging out brush and trees and in general cleaning the area including where the old brick church stood.

In 1988, Michael E. James took as his Eagle Scout Project the renovation and repair of the cemetery. With the consent of the Trustees, Michael with some friends spent many hours cleaning the area to its original boundary, cutting down trees, removing underbrush, marking the corners with permanent markers, leveling the ground where it had sunk and cleaning and repairing tombstones as well as resetting those that could be reset.

A plot plan showing the grave locations and listing the names of the ninety persons buried in the cemetery was presented to the Trustees upon completion of the project.

There are two known Civil War soldiers buried in the cemetery and there could be more.

There is on file with other church historical memorabilia a copy of a letter from Thomas B. McGaffick dated March 17, 1862. It was from a Union Army camp and sent to his sister Mary. His death is listed on his tombstone as July 5, 1863.

The grandparents of our Pastor Joseph A. Hill, William and Mary Lister, are buried in the cemetery.

The oldest date of burial in the cemetery was 1799, the latest date 1895.

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