Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Part II

Church Buildings

The fence at the front of the church was on or close to the property line and Tuscarawas Road. A horse tied to the fence was standing on Tuscarawas Road.

People tied their horses to the trees across the road or at the right of the church. The road was relocated in the 1930's to its present location.

After the building of the church in 1872 at a cost of $4000.00, there was no more construction until 1917-18 when the manse was built.

In 1940, the congregation started to talk about putting a basement under the church or construct rooms in the attic above the sanctuary to get more Sunday School space.

In 1943, a furnace room was dug out under the front part of the church and a coal furnace installed.

Willard McGaffick was one of the men who used a pick and shovel to dig the area until it was large enough to accomodate a horse and scoop to facilitate the dirt removal.

The two pot bellied stoves that had been used to heat the sanctuary for years were removed.

In 1948, a full basement was dug out under the sanctuary and provided needed space for Sunday School classes plus a kitchen at a cost of about $12,000.00.

Church and Sunday School attendance was increasing every year making it necessary to use every available space for meetings and Sunday School classes. Some classes were held in rooms of the manse, in the furnance room and different sections of the sanctuary to accomodate the growing church.

In 1951, an electronic organ was purchased for use in the sanctuary.

On Sunday, February 6, 1955, ground was broken for a new educational building to have eighteen additional Sunday School class rooms and in addition some renovations were made to the sanctuary to provide extra seating in a new balcony.

This new building was built on to the front of the sanctuary with a new entrance provided thru the bell tower. The cost for this addition was approximately $97,000.00.

At the Dedication Service on May 6, 1956, the bell in the new bell tower was rung to call the congregation to worship.

The bell was presented to the congregation by Crucible Steel Company of America. It was from the company's well known river boat, the Midland. It had been stored for twenty-five years after the boat was decommissioned.

The bell still calls us to worship each Sunday.

Four Mile Church continued to grow but the property owned by the church was restricting further growth as the property line at the rear and west side of the church was only ten feet from the church structure.

In 1961, eight acres of ground, which was an apple orchard, became available to the church for $8,000.00. It was purchased for expansion.

In 1964, the mortgage of the 1956 addition was burned.

In 1966, the brick educational building was completed at a cost of $112,000.00 and, in 1971-72 the existing manse was demolished and the new manse constructed at a cost of $62,000.00. At a congregational gathering on May 1, 1981, the mortgage for the brick educational building and the manse were burned.

The congregation was free of debt but was contemplating a new sanctuary. Money was being put into a building fund for that purpose.

The old sanctuary reached a point where on special occasions, we would exceed the safe seating capacity of the building for two Sunday services.

A new sanctuary was proposed and on January 8, 1984, the last service was held in the old sanctuary.

During the construction period, worship services were held in the large basement room of the brick educational building which caused cramped quarters for over a year.

On April 14, 1985, the new sanctuary and pipe organ were dedicated to the Glory of God. The sanctuary, balcony and choir loft will seat approximately 600 worshipers.

The total cost of the sanctuary and basement including furnishings and a new kitchen was approximately $735,000.00 of which $150,000.00 was borrowed.

This mortgage was burned at the Fourth of July congregational picnic in 1991.

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