Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

[Page 56 of book.]

Information for this book came from the following sources-

Church Files:
A History of Four Mile by Rev. Isaiah Thompson 1812-1876
Part II Updated 1876 to 1991 and Pictures

Members and Former Members:

Mrs. Lillian McDole Mrs. Elsie Graham
Mrs. Ethyl Carnes Hoop Mrs. Matilda Logan
Mrs. Augusta Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ed Stout
Mr. & Mrs. Willard McGaffick Mrs. Fern Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Joe McCarthy Mr. Daniel C. Baker Sr.
Mrs. Jeanette Barclay Graham Anyone I missed
Tape by Mr. Hugh Graham (1976)


By Dr. Ray A. McCreight:

The Pastorate of Dr. Ray A. McCreight
The Four Mile Church Communion Table Cloth
Mrs Mary (Polly) McGaffick Lineage
From the Associate Church to the Presbyterian Church


Bausman's History of Beaver County I & II; History

Pictures: Bruce Shakely

Typing: Judy Powell

Epilogue: Rev. Joseph A. Hill

All other items: Editor - Ray Anderson

The picture on page 1 is of the oak tree at the south end of the west parking lot. It is growing adjacent to the location of the old Tuscarawas Road and although it probably wasn't old enough to have been used to tie a horse to in 1872, it has watched the church grow through the years.

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