Four Mile Presbyterian Church
6078 Tuscarawas Road
Ohioville Borough, Beaver County, Pennsylvania 15009

Four Mile Church History

A history of Four Mile Presbyterian Church transcribed from
'Four Mile United Presbyterian Church - A History of Our Church'.

This book consists of two parts. Part I is a reprint (in its original form) of 'A history of the U. P. Congregation of Four Mile', compiled by Rev. Josiah Thompson in 1876.

Part II is an update of the church history from 1876 to 1991.

Second House Of Worship
Photo from the front cover of the book

The following is transcribed from the inside part of the front cover.

We are fortunate to have one of the original copies of 'A history of the U. P. Congregation of Four Mile', compiled by the Rev. Josiah Thompson in 1876.

It is being reprinted here in its original form as Part I along with a new section Part II which is an update of the church history from 1876 to 1991.

A number of people have assisted in the compilation of information for this update and we offer "Thanks" to them as well as to Rev. Thompson who felt that such a history should be written of the early church.

Let children hear the mighty deeds
Which God performed of old;
Which in our younger years we saw,
And which our fathers told.

He bids us make his glories known,
His works of power and grace,
And we'll convey His wonders down,
Through every rising race.

Our lips shall tell them to our sons,
And they again to theirs,
That generations yet unborn,
May teach them to their heirs.

Then shall they learn, in God alone
Their hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget His works,
But practice His commands.

(78th Psalm, vs. 1-7 I. Watts' Version for hymn)

Part I



Elders - Deacons - Membership

Church Buildings


Financial Affairs

The Music, or Singing



Some Notes On The Church History Written By Rev. J. Thompson
By Ray Anderson

Part II

The Church History From The Year 1876 To 1991 Updated From The Church Files

Church Buildings

The Pastorate Of Dr. Ray McCreight
September 29, 1945 - December 31, 1985

The Story Of The Four Mile Church Communion Table Cloth

The Chancel Area Furnishings

Communion In The Early Church

Sunday School

The Associate Presbyterian Church of 1812 To The Presbyterian Church, USA, 1990

The Four Mile U. P. Church Cemetery

The Church Water Supply

Sanctuary Lighting


Mrs Mary (Polly) McGaffick

The Wattersons Of Four Mile


Sources for this book

Map of Beaver County  (1817)

Names of Those Buried In The Four Mile U. P. Church Cemetery

Beaver County Churches Index

Beaver County Home Page

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