Beaver County PA Genealogy

Beaver County, Pa Newspaper Death Notices 1817-1886

The following is a mortuary list of aged persons and persons of prominence in various parts of the county. The facts were gathered from imperfect files of newspapers, and hence do not represent all the years fully. It is the best that could be done under the circumstances.

1817. 23 December, George McKee, aged 47 years.

1819. August, John Small, aged 72 years.

1821. 29 October, David Hays, aged 53 years and 7 days.

1823. 16 July, Thomas Hunter, born 11 February, 1784.

1825. 10 August, Edward Waggoner, aged 50 years.

1828. --------- William Wray, aged 85 years.

1829. 18 December, Isabella Wray, aged 85 years.

1830. 27 August, Elizabeth, wife of Gen. Samuel Power, aged 52 years

1831. 10 May, in Beaver, Mrs. Catherine Reisinger, aged 71 years. 23 August, in Hanover township, William Langfitt, aged 95 years- an old revolutionary veteran. 7 September, in North Beaver township, Jeremiah Bannon, a revolutiouaiy veteran, aged 84 years. 16 October, James S. Stevenson, deceased was an ex-member of Congress, and had in a long public career made many warm political friends, and as many enemies on account of his partisanship. 30 October, at residence of son-in-law, Hezekiah Wallace, in Hanover township, Alexander McCullough, aged 86 years. He was a native of Scotland, and came to this country in 1786, settling in Hanover township where he resided to the time of his death. He was, during all this residence in the township, a Christian man, and took a prominent part in the organization of the Mill Creek congregation, of which he was a ruling elder for overforty years. 15 December, in Moon township, Henry Alcorn, aged 90 years. 12 August, at his residence, in Ohio township, David Drennan, one of the associate judges of Beaver county, about 70 years of age.

1833. 21 January, in New Sewickley township, James Moore, an old revolutionary soldier, aged 80 years. 4 March, in Little Beaver township, Daniel Campbell, aged 85 years. He came to America about the commencement of the Revolutionary War, in which he participated for American independence. He was a lineal descendant of John, Duke of Argyle. 8 April, William Leet, born 4 August, 1758. 3 May, Susanna, wife of William Leet, born 23 July, 1764.

1834. 29 March, in Moon township, John Boyd. 1 April, in North Beaver town ship, William Mevay, aged 73 years. 4 April, in Brighton township, John Light, Sr., aged 80 years. 12 April, in South Beaver township, Mrs. Prudence McMillen, aged 77 years. 20 May, Hon. Jos. Hemphill, aged 62 years, 5 months. 24 June, in Economy, Frederick Rapp, aged 50 years. 2 September, Jane, wife of Felix Mulvanon, Sr., born in County Antrim, Ireland, aged 64 years. 26 December, in North Beaver township, Henry Dinsmore, aged 77 years.

1835. 11 April, in Little Beaver township, Jonathan Hartshorn, aged 77 years. 9 October, in Beaver, Thomas Hoops, aged 70 years.

1836. 28 February, in North Beaver township, Robert Lusk, aged 75 years. 5 March, in North Beaver township, Joseph Wilson, aged 70 years. 11 April, in North Sewickley township, James Caldwell, aged 80 years. 27 April, in Green township, Matthias Hook, the founder of Hookstown, aged 89 years, 3[?] June, near Hookstown, John Thompson, aged 77 years. He had been an earnest temperance reformer, and also a ruling elder in the Jlill Creek Presbyterian church. 13 August, Rev. Francis Reno, born 7 February, 1759, ordained a minister of the Protestant Episcopal church, 8 October, 1793. 10 October in Ohio township, Mary Hartan, aged 95 years. 3[?] October, in Ohio township, James Hartan, husband of preceding, aged 95 years.

1837. 6 March, David Johnson, aged 90 years. He was the first prothonotary of Beaver county. 31 May, in Bridgewater, Mrs. Mary Reno, aged 79 years. 9 December, in Beaver, David Boies aged 60 years. He was a resident of the county over forty years, and had been a prominent and worthy citizen.

1838. 3 April, in Raccoon township, John Crail, aged 93 years and 4 months. He was one of tlie earliest settlers of Allegheny county, but removed to Beaver county about forty years prior to his death. He was an active and devoted member of the M. E. church. 16 May, in Big Beaver township, Samuel Bowan, a revolutionary soldier, aged 100 years and 3 months. 23 December, in New Sewickley township, Hugh Jackson, aged 70 years.

1839. October, in Borough township. Felix Mulvanon, Sr., aged 75 years. He was born in county Antrim, Ireland. 3 December, in New Brighton, Dr. Wm. McCullough, formerly of Georgetown, aged 71 years.

1940. 13 January, James Agnew, M.D. aged 63 years. 31 March, in Little Beaver township, Enoch Marvin, aged 60 years. He was a great wool grower. His amiable disposition and benevolence endeared him to all the people, and his liberality and public spirit were displayed on all proper occasions. His means were never withheld from a laudable undertaking, or to relieve the distress of his neighbors. 30 June, in Hopewell township, David M'Callister, Sr., aged 72 years. He had been a resident of the county for nearly fifty years, and sustained a high character for virtue and integrity. 12 July, in North Sewickley township, Matthew Kennedy, aged 75 years. He had long been a resident of the county, and bore an exemplary character. 22 August, in Beaver, Gen. Samuel Power, aged 66 years. He was one of the earliest settlers in the county, having lived in it about forty years. He was prominently identified with its public enterprise, and bore a reputation for probity and integrity. 10 December, in New Brighton, Joseph Hoops, aged 71 years.

1841. 16 April, James W. Hemphill, born 24 July, 1891. 1 May, near Freedom, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Gen. Abner Lacock, aged 70 years. 5 June, in Freedom, Dr. William Schmid, aged 63 years. 13 December, in Borough townsliip, James ilcCreery, aged 73 years.

1842. 23 February, in Chewton, George Lightner, aged 94 years. 8 March, in North Beaver township. Mrs. Estlier Leonard, aged 81 years. 2 October, William Vicary, aged 71 years.

1843. 31 January, John Boles, aged 55 years. 21 February, in North Sewickley township, Mrs. Rebecca Runyan, aged 86 years. 7 April, in North Beaver township. Rev. James Wright, aged 60 years. For thirty-eight years he was a zealous minister to the Westfield Presbyterian congregation. 2 June, in Green township, Robert McHarg, aged 02 years. 20 September, in Raccoon township, John Kerr, aged 84 years. 12 October, in Freedom, Robert Hall, aged 71 years. 10 November, in North Beaver township, Henry Weyand, aged 50 years. 24 November, in Freedom, James Freedom, aged 73 years. 2 December, in Hanover, Andrew McCaulley, aged 90 years. Deceased had been a resident for nearly 50 years.

1844. 2 April, in Rochester township. Hugh McLean, aged 60 years. 6 April, in New Brighton, Nathaniel Coburn, an aged soldier of the Revulotion. 10 April, in Raccoon township, Arthur Campbell, aged 50 years. He had held many offices in the county, being county commissioner at time of death. 26 May, in Little Beaver township, Gen. John A. Scroggs, aged 68 years. He came from Cumberland county about thirty years prior to his death and purchased the farm on which he subsequently lived and died. He was a prominent official, both of state and church, and an exemplary citizen. 28 August, in Chippewa township, Jeremiah Britton, aged 70 years. 30 September, in Clarksville, Johnson County, Ark., Rev. Wm. Mclean, aged 55 years. He was an Englishman by birth, and after coming to this country, served for a time as pastor of the Beaver Presbyterian church.

1845. 27 February, in North Beaver township, Martin Shaffer, aged 77 years. 14 March, in Beaver county, John Walker, aged 81 years. He was born in Ireland, but came with his parents to America at an early age. He was a devoted member of the Presbyterian church. 3 June, in Shenango township, Sebastian Meshamer, aged 90 years. He served during the whole of tlie Revolution. 29 July, in North Beaver township, Mrs. Hannah Shearer, aged 80 years. 2 July, in Beaver, William Clarke, aged 75- years. lie was born in Chadsford, Del., but early removed to Canonsburg, Washington county, where, in 1798, he was appointed by Gov. Mifilin a justice of the peace. After the organization of Beaver county he removed to Beaver in 1804, where he lived till the time of his death, holding the office of justice for a period of thirty-six years. He was a member of the Presbyterian church in Beaver from its organization, and died in its faith. 24 August, in Beaver, Mrs. Jane Hemphill, widow of Judge Hemphill, aged 78 years. She was born near Mercersburg, Franklin county. Pa., and removed with her brother the late David Hoyes to Beaver, about 1797, and was married in 1800. 17 September, in Borough township, James Reed, aged 100 years, 1 month and 4 days. He was a revolutionary veteran. 29 October, in Chippewa township, Thomas Warner, aged 74 years. 4 November, in Beaver, Mrs. Margaret Eakin, consort of David Eakin, aged 73 years. 20 December, in Ohio township, John Hunter, aged 88 years. For nearly half a century he was a respected resident of Beaver county.

1846. 30 January, in North Sewickley township, Andrew Jackson, aged 79 years. 9 April, in Hopewell township, Rev. Andrew McDonald, aged 68 years. He graduated at Jefferson College 27 October, 1803. After studying theology under Rev. John McMillen, D. D., he was licensed to preach in 1806, and was installed pastor of the Mt. Carmel and Sharon congregations (then known as White Oak Flats and Flaugherty) 24 August, 1809, continuing in this relation for 13 years with great success; but owing to mental derangement, the connections were severed. A few months prior to his death, however, he recovered his reason, and was able to write a letter to his family, mente sana. 18 April, in North Sewickley township, Abner Runyon, aged 70 years. 24 April, in North Sewickley township, Mrs. Prudence Wilson, aged 78 years. 5 May, in Green township, George Heckathorn, aged 95 years. 15 June, in Slippery Rock township. Rev. Alexander Murray, aged 72 years. 12 July, Elizabeth, relict of Edward Waggoner, aged 73 years. 13 July, in Moon township, James Todd, Sr., aged 86 years. 18 August, Dr. Milo Adams, born 31 January, 1791. 30 August, in Chippewa township, Thomas Stratton, a revolutionary soldier, aged 88 years. 26 September, in Hopewell township, John Spaulding, aged 78 years. He was a native of Scotland; but at the time of his death he had been a resident of Beaver county nearly twenty-eight years. He was a member of the Associate Reformed church, and a man of sterling merit. 3 October, James McCown, aged 77 years; and three hours later, his wife, Margaret McCown, aged 69 years. 20 October, in Brighton township, William Gibson, aged 79 years. 16 November, Archibald Stewart, aged 47 years, 11 months.

1847. 28 January, in Big Beaver township, Capt. Alexander Wright, aged 88 years. 28 January, in Big Beaver township, Jonathan Beatty, aged 76 years. 31 January, in Brighton township, Mrs. Mary Kennedy, aged 60 years. 19 February, in Hanover township, Mrs. Margaret Moore, aged 84 years. 27 March, in Old Brighton, Mrs. Margaret Baker, aged 80 years. She was an exemplary member of the Presbyterian church. 6 August, in Big Beaver townsliip, Joseph S. Line, aged 88 years, 6 months and 21 days. He entered the revolutionary army at the age of 17, and served at Lexington, Bunker Hill, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Trenton, Cowpens, and at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. He was held a prisoner in New York by the British for fifteen months. He married in 1787, and lived happily with his wife for 52 years. In 1823 he removed to his residence in Big Beaver township. 15 August, in Green township, Rev. George Scott, aged 88 years. He was the faithful pastor of the Mill Creek congregation for over forty years. 15 August, in Rochester, Atlas E. Lacock, aged 54 years. 16 August, in North Beaver township, John Coleman, aged 99 years. He was a revolutionary soldier, and was buried with military honors. 31 August, James Eakin, aged 67 years. 11 September, in North Sewickley township, James Kaster, and on 27 July, Ruth, his wife, both aged 72 years. 25 September, in Brighton township, Andrew Watterson, aged 72 years. 20 December, in North Beaver township, James Fullertou, Sr., aged 73 years.

1848. 23 January, in Beaver, Mrs. Jane Allison, wife of James Allison, aged 72 years. She had been a resident of the borough nearly fifty years. 22 February, in Borough township, Mrs. Jane Kelley, aged 81 years. She had been, during life, a faithful member of the Presbyterian church. 20 February, in North Beaver township, James Allsworth, aged 88 years. He was a native of Franklin county, but had lived in Beaver county during the forty-four years preceding his death. For sixty-four years he had been a member of the Presbyterian church. 20 March, in Chippewa township, William Niblock, aged 82 years. 19 March, in Little Beaver township, Major John Sharp, aged 75 years. 15 August, James Logan, aged 74 years, 5 mouths.

1849. 13 March, in Perry township, Andrew Elliott, aged 71 years. 14 April, in Little Beaver township, Thomas Moore, aged 71 years. 11 May, in South Beaver township, George Barclay, aged 94 years. He had been an honorable and respected resident of the county for over half a century. 2 May, in Brighton township, Samuel Law, aged 77 years. 26 May, in Shenango township, Capt. James Cubbison, aged 67 years. 4 July, in Moon township, Adam Stone, aged 75 years. 13 July, in Perry township, John Swick, a revolutionary soldier, aged 87 years. 20 July, Thomas Henry, born 16 May, 1781. 3 August, in Bridgewater, Gen. John Mitchell, aged 69 years. He was a native of Cumberland county, but early removed to Center county, of which he was twice elected sheriff. He also served two terms in Congress. In 1842, he removed to Beaver county, and was appointed superintendent of the Erie Extension Canal. Honest and industrious, he died poor, but left to his children

"That good fame
Without which Glory's but a tavern song."

12 August, in Big Beaver township, James Powers, aged 70 years.

1850. 17 February, in Green township, Joseph McFerran, aged 80 years. He was both a civil and religious officer for many years. 23 March, in Green township, Mrs, Elizabeth McFerran, widow of preceding, aged 83 years. 24 March, in South Beaver township, Andrew Johnston, aged 88 years. He had resided on his farm in that township for fifty-three years. 13 May, in Beaver, James M. Power. 30 May, in Franklin township, William McQuiston, aged 70 years. 14 July, Agnes S., relict of William Clarke, aged 74 years. 1 August, Mary, wife of William Vicary, born 5 December, 1783. 10 August, David Somers, aged 57 years, 10 months. 20 August, in North Sewickley township, William Clark, aged 74 years. 29 August, Sarah, wife of David Brotherton, aged 50 years, 10 months. 14 September, in Georgetown, Thomas Foster, aged 70 years. 21 October, in New Brighton, Mrs. Ellen Hoops, aged 82 years.

1851. 27 April, in Ohio township, George Mason, aged 77 years. 21 May, in Ohio township, Mrs. Catherine Mason, widow of preceding, aged 79 years. 8 July, Mary, wife of Samuel Schley, aged 70 years. 26 September, Thomas Scott, born in Ireland, 12 May, 1795.

1852. 10 January, in New Brighton, Isaac Wilson, an early settler of the county, aged 84 years. 10 March, in Slipperyrock township, Hon. James Henry, one of the associate judges of Lawrence county, aged 63 years. He was born in Westmoreland county, and in 1797 removed to what was afterwards Beaver county. Subsequently, however, he made Lawrence county his home. 25 March, Esther, wife of John Wolf, aged 70 years 8 months. 29 July, in Moon township, Daniel Weigle, a resident for over fifty-five years of the township in which be died, aged 75 years. 19 September, James Jackson, aged 70 years. 31 October, in Brighton township, Major James Kennedy, aged 70 years. 11 November, in Hookstown, Mrs. Anne, wife of Rev. Geo. Scott, aged 79 years.

1853. 14 March, in Beaver, Hon. John Dickey. He represented the county creditably in the State Senate; was elected to Congress two successive terms; and at the time of his death was marshal of the western district of Pennsylvania. 7 April, in Economy township, John Minis, aged 69 years. 5 April in New Brighton, Mrs. Parmela Townsend, aged 83 years. 29 July, in Beaver, James Lyon, aged 78 years. He was born in Westmoreland county in the first year of the Revolutionary War. When he was six years old, the Delaware Indians made an assault upon his father's house, killing the father and carrying James and an elder brother away as prisoners. (See sketch elsewhere.) At fourteen years of age Mr. Lyon took service with the prothonotary of Allegheny county, writing in his office for several years. On 26 July, 1800, Mr. Lyon located in Beaver, and was a resident until the time of his death. He brought with him a stock of merchandise, and continued in the mercantile business for about thirty-five years, gradually acquiring a competence. In 1821 Mr. Lyon was elected sheriff, and subsequently occupied other official positions, all of which he honored. He died at a good old age, leaving a worthy example to his race. 6 September, Ann Catherine, wife of David Johnson, aged 89 years.

1854. 21 March, in Bridgewater, Mrs. Esther Small, aged 73 years. 24 October, David Porter, born in 1794. 31 October, in Bridgewater, Col. David Boies, aged 49 years.

1856. 25 January, in North Sewickley township, Mrs. Mary Kennedy, aged 90 years. 25 February, in Frankfort, Miss Ruth Roberts, aged 72 years. 25 April, in Independence township, John McConnell, aged 81 years. 1 August, in Brighton township. Col. Henry Small, aged 62 years. 28 September, Mrs. Mary Reisinger, aged 59 years. 3 October, in New Castle, Dr. Joseph Pollock, aged 68 years. 3 October, in Economy township, Mrs. Mary Minis, aged 74 years. 26 December, in Independence township, Peter Shields, aged 76 years. 29 December, aged 84 years, Mr. John Stahl, one of the oldest members of the Harmony Society.

1857. 31 January, in Brighton township, John Wolf, aged 80 years. 6 April, in Beaver, James Wilson, aged 83 years. He was the father of S. B. and Marmaduke Wilson. 11 April, in Raccoon township, Archibald Harvey, aged 70 years. 13 May, in Brighton township, Samuel Cross, aged 70 years. 8 June, near Darlington, Robert McMinn, aged 92 years. 28 June, near Darlington, Robert Dilworth, Sr., aged 71 years. 6 September, in North Bridgewater, William McMillin, a soldier of 1812, aged 77 years. 15 September, Mary Braden, aged 76. She had been a consistent member of the M. E. church. 21 September, in Sewickley township, David Shields, aged 77 years.

1858. 10 April-tombstone inscription: "General William Marks, born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, in 1778. With his parents he crossed the mountains in 1783, and endured all the perils and hardships of an early pioneer life. For thirty years he served his country in various offices; for twelve years he was Speaker of the Senate of Pennsylvania, for six years a member of the Senate of the United States. In every relation of life he was above reproach. The friend of all-the benefactor of the poor-a peacemaker, he left the world without an enemy, and, followed by the tears and blessings of many, died in Beaver, 10 April, 1858. Long a member and elder of the A. R. Presbyterian church, he died in the full hope of the everlasting Gospel, and welcomed the grave as the gate of Heaven." 12 April, in Green township, Richard McClure, aged 82 years. 22 June, in Brighton township, Jacob Noss, aged 85 years. 15 September in Pittsburgh, Dr. Thomes Fry, aged 78 years. He was formerly of Georgetown, Pa. 26 October, Sarah H., wife of Thomas Henry, born 30 August, 1786.

1859. 16 April, Nancy, relict of David Porter, aged 51 years. 12 May, James, son of General Samuel Power, born 5 October, 1810. 10 September, in Vanport, Eleanor M., daughter of Felix Mulvanon, Sr., born in County Antrim in April, 1802. 14 November, John Mulvanon, born in County Antrim, Ireland, aged 67 years.

1860. 4 February, John R. Shannon, born 11 October, 1784. (See sketch in chapter on Bench and Bar.) 4 August, Dr. Richard Butler Barker, born 23 November, 1863. 8 August, Mrs. Mary, relict of Archibald Stewart, aged 66 years. 18 December, John Carothers, born 11 March, 1793.

1861. 7 February, in Vanport, Adam Mulvanon, aged 66 years. He was born in County Antrim, Ireland.

1862. 16 January, in Beaver, Mrs. Sarah Anderson, aged 71 years. 10 April, in Rochester, John Reno, aged 77 years. He was the son of Rev. Francis Reno, and had been one of the early settlers of the county. 11 September, Lieut. Wm. J. Marks, aged 47 years. He died from a wound received on the battlefield in defense of his country.

1863. 15 January, John Hurst, aged 80 years. 16 January, Hannah Wray, born 9 August, 1789. 6 February, in Beaver, Mrs. Dorcas C. wife of James Allison, aged 62 years. 13 February, in Pulaski township, Samuel Baxter, aged 67 years. 14 April, in Rochester, Mrs. Sarah Bloss, aged 75 years. 15 April, in Rochester, Mrs. Delilah Pollock, aged 94 years. 25 July, in Marion township, Joseph Phillis, aged 76 years. 30 July, in Beaver, Mrs. Hannah Shannon, aged 80 years. 2 September, Mrs. Elizabelli Dunlap, aged 88 years. She was for about forty-five years a member of the Presbyterian Church.

1864. 19 April, in South Beaver township, George C. Bradshaw, late treasurer of Beaver county, aged 34 years. 25 May, in Chippewa township, John Braden, Sr., aged 84 years. 21 June, in Big Beaver township, John I??brie, aged 71 years. 11 September, Nancy, wife of Wm. Scott, aged 64 years. 17 September, Lieut. John D. Stokes, born 13 April, 1820. Was first lieutenant Company F., 140 Pennsylvania Volunteers; wounded at Gettysburg, and died from effects of wound. 9 December, in Brighton township, at residence of his brother-in-law, Joseph Wray, Samuel J. Rea, a well-known Harrisburg correspondent. 29 December, in Chippewa township, Andrew Welsh, aged 71 years.

1865. 1 February, in Bridgewater, Mrs. Margaret E. Ankeny, aged 74 years. 5 March, in New Brighton, Thomas Devinney, coroner of the county, aged 62 years. He had been for forty years a prominent member of the M. E. church. 23 April, Mrs. Jane, wife of John Small Sr., aged 79 years. 2 May, Charlotta, wife of John Shane, aged 79 years. 29 September, Thomas Cunningham, born 21 February, 1811. 20 April, in Vanport. Felix Mulvanon, Jr., born in County Antrim. Ireland, in 1809.

1866. 12 January, in Brighton township, Richard Ayres, aged 92 years. 9 January, in Beaver, James McCullough, aged 80 years. 12 February, in Freedom, Mrs. Isabella Hall, aged 90 years. Her husband, Robert Hall, having died some twenty years previous, she lived with her daughter and son-in-law. She was married in 1795, at the age of 18, and was the mother of twelve children, six of whom survived her. At the time of her death her progeny consisted, in addition to those already mentioned, of forty-seven grandchildren, thirty-four great-grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. She was a pious woman, having been a member of the Church of Christ for over sixty years. 23 March, Mrs. Mary Ann, relict of Dr. Wm. McCullough, aged 90 years. 25 March, in Bridgewater, Mrs. Mary Proudly, aged 60 years. 17 September, in Industry township, George Engle, aged 77 years. 14 November, in Beaver, Samuel Bess, aged 76 years. 27 November, Wm. Scott, aged 71 years.

1867. 27 January, Peter Small, aged 72 years. 28 January, at Unionville, Mrs. Sarah A. Welsh, aged 93 years. She had been a resident of the county for fifty-five years. 31 January, in South Beaver township, Mrs. Jane Johnston, aged about 100 years. 6 February, in Beaver, Capt. John May, aged 65 years. 2 February, in Rochester, Jane, wife of Ovid Pinney, aged 76 years. 4 April, in Moon township, John Douds, aged 89 years. 5 May, in Beaver, Mrs. Catherine, wife of Rev. Joshua Monroe, aged 80 years. 13 May, in Independence township, Mrs. Standish, mother of Thomas Standish, Esq., aged 103 years. 24 May, in Rochester, Sylvester Dunham, Esq., aged 74 years. 4 June, in Beaver, Hon. Benjamin Adams siged 81 years. He was an old and worthy citizen. As a public officer, he was highly esteemed for his impartiality. As a Christian, he was loved and prized for his positive, uncompromising religious influence, and for his benevolence, which always responded to a worthy cause. He was proverbial for his veracity and honesty in the transaction of business. 24 June, John Small. Sr., aged 81 years 8 months. 24 August, in New Brighton, Mrs. Lydia T. Mendenball, aged 89 years. For nearly seventy years she lived in that region, being all the time a consistent member of the Society of Friends. 1 October, in New Brighton, Robert Townsend, aged 77 years.

1868. 1 March, Rev. Wm. Stevens, aged 80 years. 3 March, in Ohio township, Thomas Hunter, aged 68 years. 23 May, in Darlington. Robert Dunlap, aged 70 years. 10 June, near Frankfort Springs, Wm. Hice, aged 76 years. 24 September, John Shane, aged 85 years. 29 September, Margaret, wife of Samuel Black, aged 70 years 9 months. She was a native of County Antrim, Ireland. 6 October, Samuel Black, a native of County Antrim, Ireland, aged 77 years.

1869. 7 January, in South Beaver township, William McClinton. aged 79 years. 8 March, in Beaver, William Dunlap, aged 79 years. 7 March, in Bridgewaler, Dr. S. Smith, aged 66 years. 6 March, at Brush Creek, Mrs. Margaret Edwards, aged 85 years. 3 April, Sarah, wife of David Bosie, aged 83 years. 19 April, in Bridgewater, John Moffett, aged 89 years. 12 July, in Moon township, Daniel Springer, aged 78 years. 17 August, in Beaver, John Shively, aged 74 years. 23 August, in Brighton township, Jennetta Anderson, relict of the late Josiah Laird, aged 80 years. 29 August, in Industry, Henry Engle, aged 83 years. 12 August, in Hookstown, James Trimble, aged 89 years. He became a resident of Beaver county in 1817. 17 November, in Jloon township, William Elliott, aged 82 years. l5 November, in Raccoon township, John Cavit, aged 80 years. 18 December, in Beaver, Mrs. Elizabeth Workman, aged 83 years.

1870. 3 January, in Beaver Falls, Isaac Warren, aged 79 years. l5 January, in Bridgewater, Samuel Allison, aged 72 years. - January, in Chippewa township, James Kennedy, ex-sheriff of Beaver county, aged 67 years. 1 February, in Darlington, James Caughey, aged 90 years 6 months. He served in the War of 1812 and was a highly respected citizen. 13 March, in Raccoon township, Henry Ewing, aged 86 years. 10 March, in Darlington, John McClymonds, aged 92 years. He was born in Lancaster county, June 3, 1778, and removed to Beaver about 1865, where he spent two years. With some friends he visited the men engaged by Aaron Burr in making boats for his -conspiracy, near the present town of Sharon. From Beaver Mr. McClymonds removed to Darlington, where he spent the remainder of his life. 5 June, in Rochester, Lewis Reno, aged 79 years. He was the son of Rev. Francis Reno. 20 September, in Beaver, Jacob Jones, aged 98 years. 29 November in Beaver, Mrs. Margaret Geyer, aged 83 years.

1871. 31 May, Sarah Clifford, born 23 May, 1788. 28 July, James Ramsey, born 14 February, 1799.

1872. 13 January, Geo. B. Swager, aged 84 years. 21 February, in Big Beaver township, Mrs. Margaret Wallace, relict of Robert Wallace, aged 73 years. 23 February, in Industry, Charles H. Hayes, aged 76 years. 11 April, in Bridgewater, Mrs. Margaret Reed, aged 81 years and 6 months. 3 June, in Franklin township, Ferdinand Autenreith, aged 76 years. 21 July, in Bridgewater, Major Robert Darragh, aged 96 years and a months. He was born in Darraghtown, County of Fermanagh. Ireland, 23 February, 1776. While quite young he came to this country and settled in Beaver county, where he passed the remainder of his life. In 1803 he married Miss Deborah, daughter of John Hart, of New Jersey, with whom he lived over sixty years, until her death. Major Darragh tilled many positions of honor and credit, and, in every case, tilled them well. His title of Major was obtained from militia service. He was also the representative of the state senatorial district in which he lived for a number of years. In his religious views the Major was an active member of the M. E. church, and he labored earnestly and unceasingly for the advancement of the cause of the Master. 4 August, in Brighton township, William Giver, aged 81 years. In August, 1873, Wm. Graham, of Homewood, reached his 97th birthday, thus being at the time the oldest man in the county. 7 October, in North Sewickley township, Smith McDaniel, aged 78 years. 9 October, in Beaver, Henry Stuck, aged 85 years. 24 December, in Raccoon township, Jacob Fronk, aged 70 years. 28 December, in Brighton township, Joseph Wray Sr., aged 89 years. 30 December, in Green township, James Moody, aged 80 years. 28 December, in Beaver, Joseph May, aged 90 years.

1873. 9 May, in Bridgewater, Ann McClure, aged 94 years. 19 May, in Raccoon township, James Christy, Sr., aged 73 years. 11 May, in North Sewickley township, Christiana C. Tuts, aged 75 years and 9 months. 11 June, in Rochester, George Lehmer, aged 91 years. 13 June, in Rochester, Mrs. Maria C. Speyerer, widow of Capt. F. C. Speyerer, aged 80 years. 22 September, in Bridgewater, Henry Briggs, aged 84 years. 31 September, in Fallston, Capt. J. P. Johnston, aged 70 years. 14 October, in Raccoon township. S. M. Crail, aged 75 years.

1874. 24 March, David Brotherton, aged 74 years.

1876. 4 June, David Hall, born 18 July, 1793.

1877. 30 September, Mahlon T. Stokes, born 2 March, 1793.

1878. 4 January, Sarah, wife of Rev. Wm. Stevens, aged 85 years.

1880. 18 May, Isabella Donehoo, aged 80 years. 23 August, Sarah McCabe, born

6 October, 1799, 29 September, Martha, relict of Henry Small, aged 80 years and 6 months.

1883. _____ _____, Patrick M. Mulvanon, son of Felix Mulvanon, Sr., born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1804.

1884. 16 March, David Marquis, aged 91 years.

1885. 30 March, Jacob Kuhn, aged 85 years.

1886. 30 March, Mary, wife of David Somers, aged 93 years and 4 months.

Source:  History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania; (1888)
Publisher: Philadelphia and Chicago, A. Warner & co.
Pages 110-118


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