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My name is Martha and I am the Allegheny County Coordinator:

I do not live in PA, but both my husband and I have roots deep in her soil.

I will do my very best to answer questions and perhaps help locate that
missing piece of your "Ancestral Pie"

Contact: Martha

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The "Gleanings" from my years of Database Research
can be found here:
Two Sections: Family Search & Ancestry

Crime & Prison Records: Family Search / Ancestry
Military: Family Search / Ancestry
Miscellaneous: Family Search / Ancestry
Canada: Family Search / Ancestry
Cemeteries, Fun Hm's, Coroner:
Family Search / Ancestry
Vital Records: Family Search / Ancestry

If you just want to look at all the files gleaned from
Family Search: Use this Link

If you just want to look at all the files gleaned from
Ancestry: Use this Link

"PA Only" records will be found here
Many Indexes will be found using the above link
Records from the following States:
NC, NH, NV, NY [City], OH, OR, Philadelphia, PA, SC,
TN, TX, UT, VT, WI, Willamette Valley, OR, WVA

"California Gleanings"
Databases for Folks from other States
who left a paper trail in California
Use these links:
Ancestry: California / Family Search: California

Tombstone Inscriptions:
Old Bethel Graveyard, St Clair Twp., Allegheny County
"Only old stones copied"
The above record was found
in the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania Publication, Volume VI, 1917
Use this Link for access.

Canada: Family Search / Ancestry
Inlcudes the following:
Obituaries, WWI Military Files, F-A-G,
Ontario, Can Marriages, Council Registrations US Residents serving in Canandian Expedition Forces
Marriage & Death Registers

Canadian Digital Newspapers
Canadian Digital Archives
Canadian Genealogy

There is a website dedicated to Canadian Obits
from local papers.
Please use this link.

Looking for your people in New Jersey?
"Reclaim the Records"
This great Resource can be found here.
"What's New"
From the FS Catalog:
Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY
1912 > 2006 - Some Years Missing
Compiler: Anna Lee Woffinden
The Indexes for Each Booklet are Here
The Booklets are full of Obituaries, Death & Funeral Notices
Accidents, and the odd news article about local Pioneers
Send for scans
Download individual booklets from the FS Catalog

Divorce Records from Oregon / Ancestry
Additional Page with "Incomplete Male Names"

NEW>>>Family Search:
Civil Marriages: Pennsylvania
1677 - 1950
These Record Images have a lot of valuable information

Family Search: Historical Images

The Types of Information:
tism's, Burial's, Births & Birth Rec Ind's, Death Records, DC's, Cemetery,
Communion, Confirmation, Court Records, Deeds, Funeral's, Genealogy, Land Records,
Marriages, Probate Records & Indexes, Vital Records

Locations & Time Frame:
Allegheny City, Allegheny Twp., Benjamin, W Deer Twp,
Carson, Hall, Herron, Mc Donald, S Park Twp., Ohio Twp., Pittsburgh, as well as Allegheny County proper
1851 - 1950

The following will help you get a handle on information
that could be of value to your search for Family data.

The chart linked here will be a decent guide.
Use it to find data of interest, noting the film #

To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account:
Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot
figure it out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.


Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number
of interest
from the Charts in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.
Note: Draft Registrations & Federal Census Records were not Indexed

Folks moved around, it is always a good idea to check the Neighbors
of a particular County:
Here are the FS Historical Images for Allegheny's Neighbors:
Armstrong, Butler, Washington, Beaver, Westmoreland

For the 'Newbie'
Basic Online Research Resources: All Free
Family Search
RootsWeb - World Connect ~ Linkpendium ~ Cyndi's List
Western PA Genealogical Society
Internet Archives
Zaba Search ~ Living Individuals

Another untapped Resource
Genealogical Collections of the DAR
FS has a huge collection of film that has marvelous and unpublished documents.
Use the FS Catalog, Search using 'DAR' and Pennsylvania.

Got Quakers ?
Quaker Resources:
Monthly Meeting Notes: 1681 > 1935 [Ancestry]
The above resource is chock full of great information.

Quaker Information Center

Cyndi's List of Quaker Records
Friends Historical Library

Quaker Records: Family Search
Hinshaw Index to Quaker Records

Hinshaw Records are also available in the FS Catalog


Lookups are available for the following NewsPaper Sites:
America's NewsBank ~ Newspaper Archives
[Obits, Vital Records]
Subscription Database Access:
My Heritage / Heritage Quest / Fold3 / Historic Map Works
Civil War: Reports of Union Army Generals

Contact: Martha

Google Archives for lookups in the Pittsburgh Gazette
Please include Name of interest and time frame with your query.


Allegheny County PAGenWeb Tombstone Project

"Cemeteries of Allegheny County"
PA, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Cemetery Records, 1845 - 1960

With the proliferation of Cemetery Databases and Volunteers photographing them as well as the ease of searching FAG and others, I will leave the Cemetery work and data to others.

There was a lot of Cem work done by the DAR in the 1940's: There are a number of publications available in the FS Catalog.

Allegheny County Genealogy Trails Project Page
Allegheny County PA-Roots Project Page

PA Digital Archives - Archives Records

Census Records & Misc Publications
Records: Indexes & Images | PA Mortality Schedules
1890 Veteran's & Widow's Census | Population Schedules: Download Rolls of Film
PA Archives ~ Abstracts | Stephen Morse & More

Magazines & Newspapers
PA Archives: Magazine
These publications are chock full of great information and can be downloaded here.

"The Power Library" - Digital Archives

Bob Gartz Newspaper Indexes
Dates of Newspapers
Names from Pittsburgh Newspapers, Indexes
Quick Links to old Pittsburgh Newspapers

Chronicling America ~ PA Digital Newspaper Project
Google Newspaper Archives
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project

Newspaper Collections: Missouri Historical Society
California Digital Newspapers

Libraries & Miscellaneous Resources
University of Pittsburgh ~ Historic Pittsburgh [Plat Maps!]
Digital Collections ~ Rauh Jewish Archives

'Reclaim the Records'
DAR Collections - Library
Internet Archive
Free Library of Philadelphia

Another untapped Resource
Genealogical Collections of the DAR
FS has a huge collection of film that has marvelous and unpublished documents.
Use the FS Catalog, Search using 'DAR' and Pennsylvania.

Have a resource to share?
Contact: Martha

Another fun way to do Family & Historical Research:
Become a PAGenWeb County Coordinator
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Odds & Ends
Lookups & Queries
Please use the Mail List link below to post Genealogical
or Historical Queries,
Mail List can be found here.

Mining & Land Records
Mining in PA | Virtual Museum of Coal Mining | Mining Artifacts | Underground Miners
Mining Disasters ~ Knox Mine Disaster

Brief of Title to Nine Tracts of Land |District # 3 of Depreciation Lands
Formerly being in Westmoreland County - Now Allegheny & Butler Counties,
State of PA

Philadelphia: EC Markley & Sons, Publishers: 1869

Historical PA Maps ~ Another Historic Map Site Historic PA County Maps
Historic Maps of PA ~ Perry Casteneda Map Collection
Historic County Lines

PA Topo Maps ~ Historic Pittsburgh Maps
Allegheny Municipalities / Townships
Allegheny County Map

PA Panoramic Maps ~ Civil War Maps
Allegheny County PAGenWeb Archives
USGenWeb Archives Map Project - PA

Historic Maps of Allegheny County
[Scanned and contributed by Larry Thompson,
from "History of Allegheny County, PA", ca. 1876

New>>>Warrantee Township Maps

Immigration, Ships Passenger Lists & Naturalization
German Settlement in PA ~ Ship's Transcribers Guild
Allegheny Pioneers ~ PA 'Points of Entry'
German Passenger Lists

"The Palatine Project" ~ PA Naturalization Records

Passenger Lists, Passports, Employment Records
Family Search / Ancestry
California, Passenger and Crew Lists,
California, San Francisco Airplane Arrival Card Index, 1936-1949 Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger & Crew Lists,
U.S., Departing Passenger and Crew Lists,

Want More Clues?
The Internet Archives contain a wealth of old books and family genealogies.
A simple search using "PA Genealogy" gives this link"

Mortality Schedules are another untapped resource
PA Mortality Schedules

FS has a searchable site for Pennsylvania Mortality Schedules:
1850 & 1880
There are more for other States,
use the FS Catalog and Keyword Search.

California Death Index :
Born in PA, died in San Luis Obispo Co., CA

[Possible Obits from the database] Contact: Martha

Vital Records
Family Search
Births & Christenings: 1709>1950

PA Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1976 [Filing Years]
Allegheny, Beaver & Jefferson
Family Search: Actual Certificates & Petitions

1st Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, PA
Baptismal Register:1857-1893 LDS 893739

Marriage Records
Vital Records : Marriages: Family Search Databases
Records from the following States:

AL, AR, Arizona, California, Iowa, Idaho,
Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachussets, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York [City & County], Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia

"Family Search "Collections'
Marriages & Deaths
PA County Marriages: 1885>1950
PA Marriages: 1709>1940
Allegheny Search - Marriage Records

Allegheny County Marriage Indexes

1800 > 1875 ~ 1876 ~ 1877 ~ 1878 ~ 1879 ~ 1880

Marriage Database Indexes: Ancestry

Death Records: Family Search / Ancestry
and more...
Kentucky Deaths 1852 > 1964 [Anc]
"Born in Allegheny & Jefferson Counties"
Lookups Available if you do not have access.
Pittsburgh City Deaths: 1870>1905
Minnesota Death Index: 1908-2007
B: Allegheny, Beaver, Jefferson

Poulson's American Daily Advertiser

This publication has Marriage and Deaths gleaned from the Newspaper:

There are three books:
1800>1810, 1811>1825, 1826>1830
Here are Indexes
The pages are hand written by one person, so once you get
used to the formation of the letters the names are not
too hard to read.

Obituaries from NewsBank
For the 4 PA Counties I host:
Allegheny ~ Beaver ~ Jefferson ~ Westmoreland

1983 > 2020 / Contact Martha for Obit

Coming Soon... Obits for Somerset County

CA, Oakland, Alameda Co., Newspaper Record Collection,

[1985 > 2011] and many more

The images are on Family Search, sign in for access.
Note: There are a lot of PA Only Obits Here

Obituary Central
Obituaries: Mc Donald Outlook [Transcriptions]

US Obituaries, American His. Soc. of Germans from Russia,
[Updated to include Wisconsin]

PA State Records & Databases
Birth & Death Records ~
Land Records
PA State Digital Archives ~
PA State Library

Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive: Free Digital Newspapers

DAR / Colonial Dames: Records & Books
Early Vital Records ~ PA

Search the DAR ~ The GAR ~ The SAR
Colonial Dames Registers & Records

LDS Film
Record of deaths, 1874-1903,

of those who died leaving estates probated in Allegheny County, PA
Allegheny County (PA). Register of Wills
"Sworn statements by informants giving the name of deceased, date of death, and residence."
The records are arranged by date of registration with the Register of Wills. The deaths may have occurred a few days to a year before being registered."

I have created pdf indexes from the sets of Microfilm
Below is a chart that explains each Film with index pages.
Log into FS, Search, Catalog, Enter Film # into Film-Fiche Slot
Or contact me and I will send you files: Include film # & Date Ranges

Description Film # Index Pages / Image #s
Dea, v. 1 - v. 2 (to p. 179), reg: Jul 1874-Oct 1878 499309 4 - 32
Dea, v. 2 (p. 180-end) - v. 4 (to p. 129), reg: Oct 1878-Nov 1883 499310 253-280 / 372-395 / 617-643
Dea, v. 4 (p. 130-end) - v. 6 (to p. 137), reg: Nov 1883-Nov 1887 499311 224-249 / 583-612
Dea, v. 6 (p. 136-end) - v. 7, reg: Nov 1887-Jan 1891 [This is an error, the Files begin 3 May 1889] 499312 278-305
Dea, v. 8 - v. 9 (to p. 611), reg: Jan 1891-Jan 1894 499313 1 - 32 / 379-411
Dea, v. 9 (p. 610-end) - v. 11 (to p. 469), reg: Jan 1894-Feb 1897 499314 32-64 / 406-439
Dea, v. 11 (p. 468-end) - v. 12, reg: Feb 1897-Mar 1899 499315 106-138
Dea, v. 13 - v. 14, reg: Mar 1899-Jan 1902 499316 5-36 / 375-406
Dea, v. 15, reg: Jan 1902-Mar 1903 499317 5-33

The actual images follow each set of indexes:
For instance, Film 499309
, Adair, William - will be found on Film 499309, image #33
[ The index ends on image # 32]

Use the chart above to find persons of interest and to determine where the image will be.
Each image has two pages which have the page # in the upper left and right corners.
After you find the person of interest, go to the Estate Indexes.

More Probate Info
PA Probate Records: 1683 >1994
Will Abstracts: Gen Soc of PA Vol VII [1920]
The Abstracts for Vol VII have been extracted:
Pgs: 44-61, 136-146, 226-235

PA Vital Records [Online Only] FS Catalog

Crime & Prison Records:
Family Search / Ancestry
and more

"Album of Criminals, 1906" FBI Records [NCBI Index]

Alcatraz, California, U.S. Penitentiary Prisoner Index,

Alabama, Convict Records, 1886-1952
California, Prison and Correctional Records, 1851-1950
Iowa, Consecutive Register of Convicts, 1867-1970

Montana, Prison Records, 1861-1968 [Anc]
New Mexico, Department of Corrections Records, 1905-1958
PA, Prison, Reformatory, and Workhouse Records,

Texas, Convict and Conduct Registers, 1875-1945
Tulare County, California, Sheriff's Office and Jail Records,

"The ESPY Files" Executions in the US: 1608-2002

Prison Records
Record of the Federal Dead
Buried From:
Libby, Nelle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons
and at
City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond
Published: US Christian Commission
James B Rodgers, Printers, 1865
There is an
Index and an Explanation about the Cemeteries
Use this Link for the files
Download Book from Family Search or Contact for Lookups
Miscellaneous Prison & Correctional Institution Records
Family Search Catalog

FS Prison Records / Film & Name Index Searches
AL, Deaths of state convicts, 1884-1951; deaths of county convicts,
1885-1922, 1884-1951
MO,Court martial papers,
Record Group no. 133, MO State Archives,
Jefferson City, 1862-1877
GA, Fulton Co. Records from the Atlanta His. Ctr, 1827-1955
GA, Savannah City Jail Registers, 1855-1873
LA State Penitentiary Records, 1866-1963
MA Reformatory for Women (Framingham, MA) 1874-1933
MT, Flathead County Records, 1871-2007
NH, Rockingham Co, prisoners index, 1772-1840
Suffolk Co. (MA) sheriff's records, 1799-1930
WA State Penitentiary inmate registers, 1881-1961

Life Struggles in Rebel Prisons
Joseph Ferguson, Philadelphia, PA

LDS Film 8812501

Alpha Index Img Rg
A - F 117 - 120
G - L 120 - 123
M - R 123 - 125
S - Z 125 - 128

Biographical & Historical Resources

Allegheny History ~ Multiple Wiki's
Allegheny County History Books
[See the below for Individual Bio's]
Famous People of Pittsburgh | Rock Musicians of Pittsburgh
Historical Register of Places | History of the Railroad in PA

The Biographies are consolidated on one page
which can be found here

Family History
Family Histories & Genealogical Data
Ayres, Darlington Family: Index [Online Book]
**Dietz, Hallenbeck, Bernard Kepler, Knepper, Melchoir Kim
**Above Familes have data in the Nat Gen Quarterly.
**Contact me for a scan
Sharpless Family: Index [Online Book],
John Alexander & Margaret Glasson
Hilt Family ~ Huish Family
Meinert Family Home Page ~ Noe Family
Send for Files on the unlinked Families

For King or Country
A Bicentennial Project of the Orange County, CA Genealogical Society
Revolutionary War Ancestors with 200 Years of Descendants
The Index is here. I am happy to do lookups. Contact: Martha

Memorials & Biographies
William Scott ~ 1850-1906
A History of Frances Alice Glover Bateman Aug 1958
Allegheny County, Illustrated : Published: 1896
General Catalogue of the Western University of PA 1819-1896

Military Biographies
Soldiers And Patriots Biographical Album
Containing Biographies and Portraits of Soldiers and Loyal Citizens
In the American Conflict, Together with the
Great Commanders of the Union Army
A History of the Organizations growing out of the War:
The Grand Army of the Republic,
The Loyal Legion,
The Sons of Veterans, and
The Woman's Relief Corps
Chicago, ILL
Union Veteran Publishing Company, 1892.

The Complete Index can be found here.

The Book may be read online or downloaded here.

Genealogy Trails has some nice Civil War Biographies:
Major-General George Brinton Mcclellan
Major-General George Gordon Meade
Major-General Winfield Scott Hancock
Major-General John W. Geary
Brigadier-General Alexander Hays
Major-general John Fulton Reynolds
Lieutenant John T. Greble
Rear-Admiral David D. Porter
Rear-Admiral John A. Dahlgren

Genealogy Trails also has lots of other
Pennsylvania Military Data.
Please use this link
for access.

"Thanks to Gen Trails"
We appreciate You!
Military Resources
War in PA

Allegheny War Memorial | Civil War
War of 1812 ~ Spanish-American War ~ War of the Revolution [Wiki]
PA Digital Archives ~ War Records
Internet Archives
Misc War Records

Fort Pitt ~ Military Forts in PA
Military Records ~ Family Search
Soldiers of the Great War, Vol 3, PA

Modern Wars
Timeline of World War I | Timeline of World War II
Korean Conflict | Viet Nam | Bay of Pigs
Desert Storm ~ Gulf War
Compiled Service Military Records
The Internet Archives [] has a huge amount of filmed records.
This link is for PA

The rebellion record of Allegheny County, from
1861 to October, 1862:

containing the narrative of the organization of companies and regiments,
the pecuniary aid tendered by corporations and individuals;
the history of the home guards; the operation of the draft and the list of exempts (1862)
Publisher: Pittsburgh : Lare and Hartzell
Language: English | Call number: 31735061327767
Digitizing Sponsor & Book Contributor: University of Pittsburgh Library System
Collection: university_pittsburgh; americana

Notes: No TOC. | Full catalog record: MARCXML

Download Here
This book has an editable web page on Open Library

Allegheny County, PA, in the war for the suppression of the rebellion, 1861-1865:
roll of honor, defenders of the flag,
attack on Fort Sumter, S.C., April 12, 1861,
surrender at Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865 (1924)
Author: Evans, Samuel Minis, 1843-
Publisher: Pittsburgh, Pa. : [s.n.]
Possible copyright status: [Not in Copyright]
Language: English | Call number: 837740
Digitizing sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation
Book contributor: University of Pittsburgh Library System
Collection: university_pittsburgh; americana
Notes: No TOC. |Full catalog record: MARCXML
Download Here
This book has an editable web page on Open Library.

Life-struggles in rebel prisons : a record of the sufferings, escapes, adventures and starvation of the Union prisoners, containing an appendix with the names, regiments, and date of death of Pennsylvania soldiers who died at Andersonville
Statement of Responsibility:
by Joseph Ferguson ; with an introduction by Joseph T. Cooper
Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1988
Microreproduction of originals published: Philadelphia : J.M. Ferguson, c1865. xxiv, 206 p.
LDS Film # 08812501
A - F: Img 117 - 120 ~ G - L: Img 120 - 123
M - R: Img 123 - 125 ~ S - Z: Img 125 - 128

New Resource:

The American Civil War Research Database
For researching the individuals, regiments, and battles of the American Civil War. The database contains indexed, searchable information on more than four million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with 17,000 photographs.
I have access to the above Subscription Database:

I will do limited lookups: Contact Martha

"The Fine Print"
Allegheny County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
PAGenWeb State Coordinator: Nancy Janyszeski
PAGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator (Eastern Counties): Mary Ann Lubinsky
PAGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator (Western Counties): Martha A C Graham
If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please review our "Volunteer" page and contact us! There are many ways to participate.

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